Information, Current Version: 0.1.6, Look below

If and when I recreate this plugin for the new Sponge API, the name will change, to what, I don't know just yet.

Source (Also in jar)
This plugin takes the password users choose to have and encrypts it and put it in passwords.yml. Very simple configuration and all but a couple message strings are configurable via <Language>.yml. You can also add your own language files to the system by copying a default language file, renaming it and changing the message strings.
Players are unable to do ANYTHING if they are not logged in or registered (Unless you don't require logins).

Important Information

This plugin is NOT related to xAuth
NOTICE: This plugin IS compatible with ALL versions of bukkit so long as they HAVEN'T made any big code changes!
Configuration Help: Configuration

To Do

  • Implement new version checker based on "Curse File API"
  • Setup auto install of polish language file
  • Overhaul language system for easier use
  • Add Option to disable different not logged in/registered options (I forgot to put them in 0.0.6)
  • Add MySQL Connect
  • Add AuthMeReloaded Converter

Features List

  • Require Logins or not
  • Require Registering or not
  • Force password changes
  • Encrypted Password
  • Language Support
  • Permissions (SuperPerms)
  • God mode til logged in or registered
  • Not logged in or registered alerts
  • Op Secure
  • Username verify (Prevents no names and unbannable names)
  • Configurable messages
  • Multi-world support for logins
  • Debug
  • Version checker
  • Features added in not yet obtainable builds:
    • None update out


There are 8 commands:
/login or /vlogin: Login to the server to verify you are you.
/register or /vregister: Register to the server so your account is locked to you.
/changepassword or /vchangepassword: Change the password you are registered with.


/forcepassword or /vforcepassword: Change another users password (They must be online!).

/vauth [reload, setlogin, player, language (Disabled)]: Reload: Reloads Config and UserPassword Information. SetLogin: Sets the teleport location of where users are teleported to on login to verify they are who they are. Player: Login an online player via admin controls. Language: Change the language in-game(english, german, french, dutch).

/op: I added /op to this plugin to prevent people from granting op status to other players without the server owners permission so what this does is it requires a password in order for the command to go threw the password is set in the config then encrypted on startup.

/deop I added /deop to this plugin to prevent people (such as griefers) from some how gaining op on your server from deoping you (requires same password as /op).

/ops: View all ops in ops.txt


vauth.*: Allow access to everything in this plugin
vauth.login (requireLogin/allow-all-login WILL bypass this): Allow users access to /login
vauth.register (requireLogin/allow-all-register WILL bypass this): Allow users access to /register
vauth.changepassword (allow-all-changepassword WILL bypass this): Allow users access to /changepassword
vauth.admin.*: Allow admin access
vauth.admin.forcepasswordchange: Allow users access to /forcepassword
vauth.admin.vauth: Allow users access to /vauth
vauth.admin.secureop: Allow users access to /op (They still need the password in order to op)
vauth.admin.securedeop: Allow users access to /deop (They still need the password in order to deop)
vauth.admin.ops: Allow users access to /ops


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