Vaults is a simple, lightweight plugin that allows players to have a configured amount of personal chests accessible through the /vault command. All of the personal chests are stored in flat file or MySQL and are cached for best performance. Personal chests act in a very similar way to enderchests and are a fantastic donator perk.

This plugin works very well for server running BungeeCord and are looking for a way to share inventories between servers. In this scenario, it is suggested that MySQL is used and caching is turned off to reduce risk of item duplication.

Source code:


  • Players can be given up to 1000 personal vaults
  • Can be stored in flat-file or MySQL
  • Vaults are cached to optimize performance
  • Vaults stored in MySQL are compressed to reduce data transfer.
  • Admins can view anybody's vaults if they're online or offline
  • Vault inventory can have a custom amount of rows
  • Custom error messages
  • Drag and drop install


/vaultOpens a player's first vault
/vault <number>Opens a vault by it's number
/vault <player> <number>Opens a player's vault by it's number


vaults.<num>Sets how many vaults that player is allowed
vaults.adminAllows a player to view other player's vaults


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