Vast Tracks 'o Mountain


Vast Tracks 'o Mountain is a cool new world generator that generates giant mountainous terrain. It features every ore, trees, water, lava caves and lot's of other cool things. I think that this can be best explained through pictures: Image 1 Image 2


Use it like any other world generator. The name of the plugin is VastTrackOMountain. You can use it with your favourite multiworld plugin, or it can replace the main world. To use it with multiverse, the command is:

/mv create <world name> NORMAL -g VastTrackOMountain

To use it without a multiworld plugin, add this to your bukkit.yml. Note that you will need to delete your world before starting the server again:

     <world name>:
            generator: VastTrackOMountain

It is still a bit buggy, but It's pretty cool. If you find a bug, make a ticket

Thanks to some awesome people

I would like to give a big thank you to @codename_b, @nightgunner5, @notch, and @heldplayer for the use of their block populators (for those of you who don't know, populators are what creates the trees, ores, etc...)

Source code


Happy gaming!

Warning: The name of the plugin is VastTrackOMountain, not VastTracksOMountain. Sorry about that, It will be fixed in the next update.


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