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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


Fixes GeoIPTools issues.  If you run GeoIPTools, you MUST have version 0.7 or later
-Get version 0.7 from the BukkitDev page :)

"You have been forced visible" now displays only to users who were actually vanished.
Message on joining vanished/without announce adjusted so it says something for both join cases.

  New nodes:
  Added ability to toggle effects. Command is /vanish effects
    Functions the same as /vanish toggle for usage.
    Permission nodes:
  Added support for GeoIPTools plugin for faked join/quit messages.
    Use %city for city and %country for country
  Added a permission node for convenience: vanish.op
    This node is just the collection of nodes that ops get. Useful info.
  Version checking will no longer occur if running a SNAPSHOT build
  Cleaned up the hooks system to make it easier for developers to add more
  Added getPlayer method to VanishStatusChangeEvent
  The lightning effect now has a config option
    Determines how much lightning will strike if that effect is enabled
    Option in config.yml effects.lightning.count
    Default 30. Can be set to anything 1 or higher.

Bug fixes:
  Effects (lightning, explosion, smoke) do not fire on silent join.

Drop bug present in 3.8

Fixed MAJOR issue with bukkit caching player states
Added vanish.lightningbarrage and relevant lightning, added to vanish.*
Notification of opening chests silently

Fixed JSONAPI hook.
Added option for blocking hunger changing while vanished:
 /vanish toggle nohunger
 /v t nohunger
You can now do silent chest checking even while in nointeract mode.
Added vanish.explode and corresponding EXPLOSIONS when you vanish. User request. Only added to vanish.*

Smoke effects on vanish/unvanish. Only occurs with permission node vanish.smokin
Added ability to force a fake join/quit announcement in fakejoin/fakequit. Examples: /vanish fakejoin force or /v fj f
Added /vanish on and /vanish off, also /vanish on fake and /vanish off fake
Fixed vehicle collision issues while vanished. You should no longer stop carts and such.

Added silent chest opening!  Silently open chests in a read-only way.
To open a chest silently, either have the node vanish.silentchests or toggle it (/vanish toggle chests) with node vanish.toggle.silentchests
The chest inventory will display to you and you'll be unable to change the contents.  

Fixed issue where mobs chasing you would continue to chase even with nofollow enabled if they had started before vanishing
Metadata support for plugin developers. Check the boolean value "vanished" which will always reflect current status.


Added VanishStatusChangeEvent for developers interested in being notified on status changes
Fixed Invisible notifier acting up on world change
New command: /vanish list
   Gives you a list of vanished users
   Requires new node vanish.list
      This new node is also given by vanish.standard and thus vanish.* and to ops.
Slight modification to the way notification is given on quitting while invisible
Removed unused code

Fixes issue with settings migration.You technically don't need to update but it's recommended.
These fixes will still apply in later versions too.

Fix for sleeping ignore when vanished and move hiding to earlier in events. Thanks, AgentME.
Update for bPerms hooking. Thanks, codename_B and TNT.

Requires 1.1-R4 or later
Improved handling of no-interact feature. Now should block shearing, milking, paintings
Fakeannounce fixes
Tells you you're "invisible" on the inventory menu
Option to check permissions on player changing world.
Logic fixes to prevent silent joining bug
Changes to settings. Should auto-migrate
Big thanks to AgentME for contributions

No longer requires Spout!
Note: This version requires dev build 1871
or higher, which is above the current recommended build.  
If you are stuck on 1.1-R3 you cannot run this, and should use 2.4.1 for now.
Download the last successful dev build to run this.
Requires build 1871 or later

Did I mention it doesn't require Spout?

Also contains a few minor fixes to stupid bugs I don't want to admit to
Possibly temporary loss of enableColoration

Debug mode now default FALSE. Set debug: false if you don't want it and started with a recent version

Resolve tab list issues >.<

Split silentjoin into two perms (silentjoin still works as a perm node)
Added reload ability for certain config values.

Minor bugfix, should update from 2.x line.

Important bugfix. YOU MUST UPDATE IF USING 2.0 OR 2.0.1
Also, updates to Bukkit's new event system. REQUIRES the 1.1 recommended build 1.1-R1 or higher.

Fixed bug on first load.


Added support for bPermissions prefix/suffix in fake join/quit messages
Updated JSONAPI support.

Code refactor, breaks any plugins hooking. Sorry, devs!
Added VanishNoPacket static access class for ease of use for plugin devs. Yay!

Added new feature: nochat
Permission nodes:
Default to false, of course, and is not added to vanish.standard
Blocks you from using chat.

Hopefully fixing the Spout (not my fault!) error this time
Fix for a Spoutcraft warning.

Proper handling of server ping events
Workaround for Spout error that comes back sometimes

Updated for CB 1534 and beyond. Use 1.8.4 if on 1.0.0 builds earlier than 1534.

For minecraft 1.0.0

Requires latest Spout
For the Essentials hook, will only be hidden with permission node vanish.hooks.essentials.hide

Fix for vanish status bar

Lets you enable the special spoutcraft features. These do not require spoutcraft but will just be added for players with it

Permission: vanish.spout.status
If spoutcraft features are enabled, users with this permission have a little box that tells them when they're invisible

Skins, cloaks, titles!
Define custom skins cloaks and titles in spoutcraft.yml (autogenerated with examples on first load)
If you define a skin called 'admin' then give users the permission vanish.spout.skin.admin
If you define a title called 'vanished' then give users the permission vanish.spout.title.vanished

This way you can give people group-based or individual-based titles skins and cloaks.

Title formatting:
&&x for a color such as &&b is aqua
%n is the player's name
%r is a newline

Now using new configuration system.

TINY bugfix for 1.7 where you actually needed damage toggle permissions to toggle nointeract
Depressing loss of sanity

DEPRESSING LOSS of better version number

Yay a better version number!
Adds support for no-interact, preventing you from using pressurepads, doors, buttons, etc
-Also can be toggled
Fixed join/quit coloring glitch
Fixed sleeping. If all non-vanished users sleep, the world progresses as if the vanished player isn't there.
Can use %d as displayname if your plugins mess with the way player names display using the displayname property
Added built-in permissions testing. Has to be enabled from config AND give out permission to the person trying it
  /permtest meow.meow
  /permtest mbaxter meow.meow
Allow for persistent dynmap hiding with vanish.hooks.dynmap.alwayshidden
Stupid message bug fix.
JSONAPI integration! (Enable it if you want it!)
Better message for version check fail
Improved code support so people lazy with their charsets can still edit the plugin code
Bugfix for fake quits. Highly recommended.
This version works with 1240 and up
Return to the old configuration approach, due to faulty instructions.
Small bugfixes
Internally, updated to new bukkit code
(I suggest 1318 to avoid error log spam)

1.6.9 -
Added /np and /nf aliases for /vanish toggle nopickup/nofollow.
-They won't interfere if another plugin already uses /np or /nf
Did I mention fakequit and fakejoin also toggle your vanish status.
-DOES allow you do multiple fakejoin/fakequit resulting in multiple announces
--might change this in later versions, or make it a config option
-dynmap integration adjustment. Likely wasn't actually a problem
-Correct announcements on join/quit/fakejoin/fakequit

Enables colored join/quit messages with &&. eg &&a is light green.
Enables update checking with admin alert
-Admin alert sent on-join to anyone with vanish.adminalerts (default op)
-Sends minor info (bukkit version, vanishnopacket version, server ip/port)
-Informed how to opt-out on first startup of VanishNoPacket
-- It's the config updates.check
--- Already created config files will automatically check, so add that if you want.
-- Does not check the first time VanishNoPacket is run to let you opt-out, only on subsequent startup/reloads.

1.6.5 -
Fix for dynmap silent join
Fix 'default' config values for fake join/quit

1.6.3 -
Minor oversight. Fix for 1.6.2 fix.

1.6.2 -
Fixes issue with change in bukkit default permission functionality

1.6.1 -
Dynmap support
Hides you from the [tab] playerlist
Fake quit and fake join
In-game toggle of features (/vanish toggle)
Shorter command (/v) optional
And a ton of permissions.
See the description!

1.5.2 -
Fixed minor bug in Essentials hook. Recommended update for all Essentials users.

1.5.1 -
Fixed bug in names again. Oops

1.5 -
Fixed bug in vanishing for long names with coloration enabled.
Created a vanish.* permission.
Hooks into Essentials (optional, 100%)
When player is vanished, gives player the permission vanish.currentlyVanished

1.4 -
Coloration option for vanished users. Colors usernames blue in-game!
   Default is disabled, so no change when updating
vanish.vanish and vanish.see default to true for ops

1.3.2 -
Silent joining instant vanish option, announce join on toggling vanish
Non-standard vanish.silentjoin permission
Will not announce quit if never announced join
Confirmed working with Spout 134

1.2 -
Ability to block causing and receiving damage

1.1 -
Addition of /vanish check

1.0 - Initial release
Supports vanishing
Works with Spout RB 121 (Aug 17)

0.1 -
>light torch

0.0 -
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

May blow your mind.
Doesn't serve tea.