Vanish Lite

This project is put on hold. I will eventually return.

What is Vanish Lite?

Vanish Lite is a plugin that does exactly what you think it does.

By using "/vanish", you'll be hidden from other players, removed from the tab list, and have "YOUR_NAME left/joined the game" be broadcasted on the server ("YOUR_NAME left/joined the game" can be disabled in the config). Using the command again will reverse everything stated before.


Permission: "vanishlite.vanish"


When entering Vanish, you'll be hidden from other players, and get alerted with a customizable message that you've entered Vanish.


Entering Vanish



When exiting Vanish, you'll be set visible to other players, and get alerted with a customizable message that you've exited Vanish. 


Exiting Vanish



When a player without permission tries to do /vanish, they'll receive a customizable error message.


Vanish Error



What's in the config file?

Vanish Lite config



Plugin works best with another plugin, like LuckPerms, or PermissionsEx. If you have any questions about permissions, Google is your friend.


This plugin uses bStats to collect anonymous statistics.

Everything bStats collects:

 - How many servers are using the plugin


 - How many players are on servers with Vanish Lite installed


 - Which Minecraft version your server is using

 - Which server software your server is using

   - This includes Bukkit, Spigot, and Paper.

 - Which plugin version your server is using

 - CPU Core count

 - System arch

 - Which OS your server is using

 - Where your server is located
   - This was added specifically to help test if ping effects Vanish Lite

 - Which Java version your server is using


If you don't want bStats to collect data from your server, you can disable it in the bStats config file. This file can be found in the /plugins/bStats/ folder.


If you have any suggestions, either private message me, or comment your suggestion.


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