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  • 1.8


Many thanks to the bug reporters! You are awesome <3
Please keep reporting bugs you find so we can fix them :)

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MassiveCore (Affects all Plugins)

  • Techy - ReflectionUtil Improvements. (By Cayorion)
  • Techy - Added methods to set parameter and parameter type to commands. (By Madus)
  • Techy - Work on PredicateVisibleTo and PredicateAnd. (By Madus)
  • Techy - Transform SQL algorithm now supports iterabiles. (By Cayorion)
  • Bug - Added missing comma in version command author list. (By Cayorion)
  • Techy - Added messageAsync method in Pager and removed space in niced enums. (By Cayorion)
  • Techy - Fixed colors and indentation for map properties in the editor. (By Cayorion)
  • Techy - Started work on database convenience methods for default values. (By Madus)

☆★ MassiveLag ★☆

New Feature - Beta version of the new command "/ml environment". This command attempts to identify the server hardware components. This way you can see if your server host is actually giving you what you are paying for. (by Cayorion)


  • BugFix - Fixed rank commands such as promote being broken. (by Madus)
  • BugFix - Added better error output to detect cause of bug #1003. (by Madus)
  • BugFix - Made the command blocker more intelligent. Now looks at spaces and not only raw prefixes. (by Madus)
  • BugFix - Hopefully fixed issue where accounts were created in economy plugins even though the economy feature was disabled. (by Madus)
  • Feature - Added some fake event detection on world editing. (by Ulumulu1510)
  • Security - Considering player visibility in /f list.. (by Madus)
  • BugFix - Only apply territoryShieldFactor for player attacks. (by Madus)


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