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The test server mentioned can only be run from the BuiltByBit page, since they offer test servers
Click this link and click on "Generate test server", you'll be able to play on this server and try the plugin out for 30 minutes.

ValhallaMMO is in beta!

That means that much of the plugin is still open for change, and bugs may be more common. That being said, the plugin was extensively playtested and found to be stable.

The linked github wiki is outdated!

ValhallaMMO was in open alpha for most of its existence, beta is a rewrite of alpha and much was changed since then. The linked wiki on github still only covers information of alpha, and basically none of it holds up to beta.

The wiki will be properly made after alpha has been phased out, because on SpigotMC alpha is still the only one available.


Image transcription

> The most engaging free RPG-skills plugin available <

What is ValhallaMMO?
The best free alternative to McMMO and AureliumSkills, inspired by Skyrim.

Designed to keep players from speedrunning the game and getting burned out too fast.

ValhallaMMO overhauls progression in a way that still feels natural and familiar, making it easy to learn and increasing player retention by a lot. Even the speedrunners!


  • 13 skills. To cover almost every playstyle Smithing - Enchanting - Alchemy Farming - Woodcutting - Fishing - Digging - Mining Light Armor - Heavy Armor - Archery - Light Weapons - Heavy Weapons

  • Recipe editors. All with ingame custom GUIs and powerful dynamic item functions Crafting Table, (Blast) Furnace/Smoker, Campfire, Smithing, Brewing, Cauldron Cooking, Immersive

  • Loot Table Editors, for entities, blocks, fishing, chest loot, archaeology (1.20+), and piglin bartering. With drop conditions, increased rates with fortune/looting, increased drop chance with luck, item modification functions

  • Expansive Skill Trees. Navigable and potentially limitless in size

  • 100+ Item Attributes and Potion Effects Such as attack reach, armor penetration, multi-jumping, and many more

  • Natural Enemy Progression Enemies get stronger along with the player

  • Damage Indicators Disabled by default, unless on training dummies! Requires 1.20+ or Decent Holograms dependency

  • Parties With progression that encourages collaboration

And lastly:

  • PAPI Placeholders
  • Leaderboards
  • Server Boosters
  • Custom Weapons
  • Custom Block Breaking System

Reviews The plugin was exclusively available on SpigotMC for a long time, here are some of the reviews! (41 reviews as of 1/20/24, avg 4.9/5.0 stars)

>> Honestly, the best plugin for roleplaying and even just making minecraft harder while still making it enjoyable! I can't wait for more updates to roll out! Keep up the amazing work!

>> Probably the best RPG/skills plugin that i've seen, with very creative skilsl and amazing new mechanics. Loving it!

>> Everyone loves this plugin! Cannot wait to see where you take it and the release of future addons for this! Keep up the amazing work!

>> Incredibly versatile and powerful plugin. Ranges from RPG skills, custom crafting systems, great synergy with lots of other plugins and has amazing support through the discord, any problems or questions have been answered within a day or less.

I understand that this plugin is not for everyone, so a test server is made available for you to see for yourself! And if you do enjoy it a review or feedback is very much appreciated!

Check out its other add-ons!
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>> ValhallaRaces
>> ValhallaKits




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