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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R1


Version 2.0 (CB #1818)

  • Bug fixes
  • NetWorkManager update
  • No warns...
  • update to 1.1-R1
  • fixed glassdoor bug

Version 1.5 (CB #1597)

  • Bug fixes
  • update of NetWorkManager
  • update to sv 1.0.1
  • feature re-added: lock/unlock
  • Permissions update for: PEX (1.17), bPermissions, etc...

Version 1.2 (CB #1549)

  • implementation of the secret project (not useable yet)
  • fixed the chest duplication bug
  • fixed the powered/detector rail dropping bug
  • enabled plugin usage for subfolder-worlds
  • fixed some other exceptions

Version 1.1.5 (CB #1500)

  • elevators are now stored in the world folders (-> allow backups)
  • items will drop when moved away from a wall
  • added forbidden blocks to config
  • added command abbreviations to config
  • added glassdoor directions
  • added "lock" for cabin blocks
  • prevent block changes while elevator moves
  • added more config options and messages

Version 1.1.4 (CB #1479)

  • cabin blocks are now searched when initiating movement
  • ->WorldEdit & Co for cabin blocks supported!
  • Entities are now moved along, even if they are positioned a greater distance above the ground blocks
  • merged direct and extend commands
  • enabled relative glass doors (=doors in the cabin)
  • glass doors are now "grouped" automatically for a more real opening order
  • redstone outputs floor parameter added.
  • ground blocks pending between grass and dirt are not blocking the elevator anymore
  • wheat, cactus and sugar cane item duplication bug fixed

Version 1.1.3 (CB #1413)

  • Permissions support added
  • elevator and floor protection added
  • ->many new commands and command parameters
  • command to remove glass doors from a specific floor
  • owner system added
  • individual elevator size support
  • fixed some bugs (can't remember which)

Version 1.1.2 (CB #1337)

  • removed TSLPC
  • added go|direct command
  • improved elevator search
  • improved elevator position search (prevention of loosing the ceiling ;-))
  • storing entity positions when initiating moving - hopefully fixes fall-through bugs
  • added info console command to create debugging info files
  • binds glass doors to a command
  • fixed button and redstone bugs
  • improved storage cleanup

Version 1.1.1 (CB #1240)

  • added automatically closing glass doors.
  • added configuration.
  • fixed a fault timing.
  • changed the command handler to onCommand in main file.

Version 1.0 (CB #1185)

  • fixed a block checking bug.
  • redstone on the elevator is now working.

Version 0.99 (CB #1060)

  • chests and dispensers are now working.
  • furnaces are now working.
  • adjacent mine tracks are now working.
  • item orientation bugfix.

Version 0.98 (CB #1000)

  • color of wool is now stored.
  • Signs are now working inside the elevator.
  • orientation of levers, buttons, torches etc. is now stored (can still be glitchy, cause multiplayer servers always have problems with that)
  • fixed many bugs for the blocks built on the elevator
  • elevator blocks can be safely removed by iStick, Superpickaxe and others now
  • improved the movement system for liquids (enables lava doors and more!)
  • improved the movement system for all entities (creatures and minecarts will also be transported now)
  • elevator movement is now much smoother
  • improved floor search for up- and down-blocks when the elevator got stuck
  • changed the entire storage system

Version 0.97 (CB #950)

  • enabled building on the elevator.
  • created redstone outputs
  • fixed server crashes
  • made compatible to CraftBukkit 289+
  • improved handling of breaked blocks
  • made plugin thread-secure
  • fixed path problems on mac + linux
  • and maybe some others...

Version 0.96 (CB #900)

  • made the creation a bit easier.
  • fixed some bugs
  • increased the maximum size to 5x5

Version 0.9 (CB #830)

  • First Release