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About UVArmorSets

UVArmorSets sets out to implement "set" armor pieces similar to those found in most MMORPGs within the Bukkit framework. Our plan is to keep everything compatible with the vanilla Minecraft client, with all customization done on the server side. Eventually we may consider a SpoutCraft plugin to add new models and a better display of set attributes.

If anyone knows of a similar plugin, please let me know. I couldn't find one.

Project Status

Pure planning, until I reach a pausing point with http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/uvvillagers. Not sure when I'll attack this one. It's #3 on the plugin priority list.

If you want to get involved in feel free to PM me.

What is an armor set?

An armor set is a collection of named pieces of armor that can be worn at the same time, and which, when worn together, grant the wearer additional bonuses.

The key features of these armor sets are:

  • A set name (e.g. - "The Valorous Raiment")
  • Unique appearance common to a set (e.g. - gold armor for "The Valorous Raiment" set, or red leather for the "Guise of the Mord-Sith" set)
  • Unique individual item names common to a set (e.g. - "Valorous Breastplate", "Valorous Boots", etc)
  • Standard enchantments or qualities for each item (e.g. - "Valorous Boots" always have the "Protection" enchant)

How will you be able to acquire an armor set piece?

  • Crafting: You'll be able to craft certain pieces by crafting the base piece, then placing it on an anvil and giving it the appropriate name. There will be a certain % chance of failure doing this, destroying your materials.
  • Random: There will be a low % chance of random set pieces dropping from certain mobs, or being found in temple chests.
  • API: The plugin will expose methods for other plugins to use and provide set pieces as they see fit.

What kind of effects can I expect sets to grant?

  • Enchants: This will be the easiest to implement.
  • Potion Effects: Pretty sure I'll be able to do this.
  • Graphic Effects: Yeah, probably that too.
  • Effects provided by other plugins: Probably. Plugins like Spells provide a large number of effects that I suspect we could arrange to tap into.

Can I customize the armor sets available on my server?

Absolutely. The armor sets will be stored in YAML format files so as to be easily editable and customizable.


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