This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Now before you look at the version and say: OMG OUTDATED! It was built it minecraft 1.1, designed so people in lower versions can use UUID's for their legacy server. (For whatever reason..)
Note: This plugin only works if you have connection to mojang's session servers. Otherwise the uuid will return 'null'. This also means if they go down the plugin will return 'null' UUIDs. Besides if they are down no one can probably join your server.. Unless it's in offline mode. (In that case the plugin won't even load)
What it does:

This plugin is designed for servers running under 1.7.5 and down to have the great power of UUIDs. Read below to see what it does!


Note: All playernames specified in these commands are case sensitive. So trying to get the UUID of 'Searchndstroy' will return 'null' while trying to get the uuid of 'searchndstroy' will return a actual UUID.


Usage: /banuuid <uuid/playername> [reason] Bans a UUID or a player for a specified reason. Default reason is: Unspecified reason! Alias: /blacklistuuid Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.banuuid


Usage: /unbanuuid <uuid/playername> Unbans a UUID or a player. Alias: /pardonuuid Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.unbanuuid


Usage: /getuuid <playername> Gets a player's UUID. Alias: /uuid Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.getuuid


Usage: /getname <uuid> Get's a players name off a UUID. Alias: /name Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.getname


Usage: /op <uuid/name> Ops a player by their UUID or name. Alias: /uop Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.op


Usage: /deop <uuid/name> Ops a player by their UUID or name. Alias: /udeop Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.deop


Usage: /mute <uuid/name> [reason...] Mutes a player for a specified reason. Alias: /umute Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.mute


Usage: /unmute <uuid/name> Unmutes a player. Alias: /uunmute Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.unmute


Works just like the default bukkit whitelist, except you can use uuids instead of player names. Alias: /uwhitelist Permission node: uuidsforminecraftlegacy.commands.whitelist


There is little configuration. Except for....


LogAllUUIDsOnStartup: false

What this does is it will go through all the offline players on the server and it will log them to 'loggeduuids.yml'.

BanAllBannedPlayersUUIDsOnStartup: true

What is does is when it goes through the players when log all uuids is enabled(go up a few lines). When it does this it checks if a player is banned. If a player is banned, it will then proceed to UUID ban them.

safeMode: true

Safemode is to make sure that a player has a uuid before logging in. I doubt it will happen, but it is possible.

isWhitelisted: false

Boolean value(true or false) for whether whitelist is enabled. (See default bukkit whitelisting)

All the configuration for now.

This plugin will receive more commands.

Player configuration:

Each player has their own config file, located in: plugins/UUIDsForMinecraftLegacy/players/ The config name is the player's uuid, so all you have to do is /getuuid <name> and then find their config.

isUniqueIdBanned: false

Whether the player is banned or not.

isMuted: false

Whether the player is muted or not.

banReason: No reason given.

The player's ban reason.

isOp: false

Whether the player is op or not.

muteReason: No reason given.

The player's mute reason.




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