UUID Finder

UUID Finder

This is a plugin I made so you can find the uuid of a name or the name(s) from the uuid.

Recomended to use when wanting to know who has what uuid/name.

NOTE: This is mostly made for developers of a server and for admins.

NOTE2: UUID means User Unique ID that is the id for players added in MC 1.7.5+.

Version 2.0 has been released I've recoded the whole plugin and added some new features


Use /uuid info to get general plugin info.

Use /uuid reload to reload the config.

Use /uuid [name|uuid] check the name for uuid or uuid for name.


/uuid permission: "uuid.find"

/uuid info permission: "uuid.info"

/uuid reload permission: "uuid.reload"



Supports color codes.

The prefix in the messages

Prefix, Default: &8[&aUUIDFinder&8] &f

The message when you don't have access to a command.

NoPermissionMsg, Default: &cYou do not have access to that command.

To do:

Offline player check (Added in v1.2)

Console commands. (Added in v1.4)

Configuration (Added in v1.4)

A way of checking an uuid's previus names from before changing name (Coming in v2.1)


Error in No-Permission Message (Fixed in v1.1).

Error wen not having any args. (Fixed in v1.3).

Source: https://github.com/LeonTG77/UUIDFinder

Comment any suggestions, questions and bugs :).


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