uSkyblock v2.6.3


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    Mar 1, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


Change Log v2.6.3 (1.9 update)

  • Development
    • Island selection GUI for create and restart
      • NOTE: All schematics will be visible to the player (permission based).
    • /is create will claim the spot you are in, or looking at, if available
    • Improved display-names for challenges and entities
    • Uniform permission handling
      • We now fully support *-permissions (i.e. usb.island.*)
      • NOTE: This means some permissions have moved!
      • The Command and Permission page has been updated to v2.6.x
    • The need for bedrock in schematics has been voided (point of copy will be center of island).
    • Chest-items in schematic are left there - new way to supply starter-items.
    • Performance improvements
      • We've made a lot of tweaks, so even very large islands won't impact your server-performance
    • Support for AWE 3.3.0 (AWE-API 1.1.0)
    • Many internal optimizations.
  • Game mode addition added
    • SkyGrid support
      • See here how to setup a separate SkyGrid server with all features of uSkyblock
  • Challenges update
    • Updated po-files to remove fuzzy
    • Support & instead of ยง for challenge names or descriptions
  • Languages support
    • Improved and updated a few of language files.

Bug fixes

  • Change biome code severely refactored - takes longer time now, but works better.

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Make sure to backup before updating, this doesnt count for only our plugin but in general when you update.
Special mention to backup the challenges.yml if you have created or changed a challenge.
The challenges.yml is totaly redone and will be overwritten on update. You can copy back your own challenges but be sure to leave the

version: 18


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