uSkyblock v2.5.7


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    Jan 10, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


Change Log v2.5.7

  • Development
    • Teleporting will be cancelled on move.
    • Added config option to save config parts from updating when the plugin gets updated.
    • Allow spawn size to be 0(zero).
    • Tool option added, when clicking with a sapling on a chest
    • Added command /usb wg update which update the WorldGuard region on the island you are on
    • Many internal optimizations.
  • Challenges update
    • The challenge file has had a total remake, some challenges are gone some adjusted and few new ones added.
      I do strongly suggest to backup the challenges file if you have made custom challenges, they will be overwritten on update.
      Rewards are set to very basic, change them to your own liking.
  • Languages support
    • Improved and updated a few of language files.

Bug fixes

  • Custom translation (including translations in the i18n folder).
  • When island is locked, players are teleported to spawn on login.
  • Nether terraforming when non-members mine.

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Make sure to backup before updating, this doesnt count for only our plugin but in general when you update.
Special mention to backup the challenges.yml if you have created or changed a challenge.
The challenges.yml is totaly redone and will be overwritten on update. You can copy back your own challenges but be sure to leave the

version: 18


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