uSkyblock v2.5.3


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    Nov 5, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


Change Log v2.5.3

  • Development
    • Improved makeleader and added addmember to /usb island command
    • DEEP_OCEAN: Biome is now supported, it will convert squids into guardians, provided they are covered with prismarine blocks.
    • Guaranteed sapling drop
    • Improved language support (custom .po files)
    • We have made a second release for servers still running Craftbukkit/Spigot v1.7.9/10
  • Challenges update
    • Challenges and ranks now support name as display-name.
    • Challenges support customizable item for lockedDisplayItem.
    • Re-thinked the challenge-completions, so they now are owned/shared on an island. I.e. they no longer follow individual players.
  • Languages support
    • Swedish (99.9%)
      See languages added here.
      See the country codes here.

Bug fixes

  • Obsidian to lava now requires ONE bucket (but won't remove all your buckets in return).
  • AsyncWorldEdit v2.2.2 - 3.2.1 can now co-exist with uSkyBlock.
  • Ghasts now spawn in nether!

Nether Features

This release includes a complete "package deal" for skyworld-nether. To install it do the following:

a) Stop the server (this is required)
b) Backup any skyworld_nether world you might have had previously and remove or rename the Skyworld_nether.
c) Make sure the distance and protectionRange is chunk-aligned (divisible by 32), i.e. 128.
d) Enable nether support in your config.yml, by adding a nether.enabled: true to the config file.
e) Start the server
f) Watch the server-log carefully, and resolve any issues.

An island and region will be created/formed in the skyworld_nether, on island creation/restart. The island will have sparse resources, but enough to get you started. When-ever a player breaks a block on the island, the block might spawn another block (called terra-forming). Blocks broken above the player, will not spawn new blocks (i.e. no terra-forming upwards). Wither-Skeletons, Skeletons and Blazes will spawn naturally on netherbricks.

More information about the nether can be found here.

See for issue's here