uSkyblock v2.4.6


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    Sep 30, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


Change Log v2.4.6

This version requires AsyncWorldEdit. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, we will fix this soon

  • Miscellaneous
    Make top-10 entry configurable
    • topTenCutoff: [number]
      This not default in the config and can be added, if wanted/needed in the section options.advanced.topTenCutoff:
  • Introduce /usb jobs stats to get info on internal performance.
  • Configure whether to teleport or not when island is created/restarted
    • teleportWhenReady:false
  • Updated config page to latest version, also extra page for coming changes.
  • Development
    Major module refactoring to support AWE 3.1.1 and AWE 2.1.1 at the same time.
    Cleanup the API a bit (it contained internal state).


  • NPE when trying to import challenges from old format to new.
  • Only broadcast challenge completion to island, when not broadcasting to the whole server.
  • Wipe player-inventory even if they logged out before their island was ready.

Change Log v2.4.5

(not released on bukkit due busy schedule but included in v2.4.6).

  • Challenges update
    Challenges can now be shared on the island, making coop play and single play more balanced
    • challengeSharing: player|island - default is player (as previously)
  • Challenges can now have lockedDisplayItem
    If lockedDisplayItem exists on the top-level,
    i.e. lockedDisplayItem: STAINED_GLASS_PANE:14
    it is used for those challenges that do not have a specific lockedDisplayItem. (more about this on the challenges page)
  • Miscellaneous
    Known issue: Large schematics still take a toll when pasted, even with AsyncWorldEdit active.
    Performance improvements
    New and better named tasks for balanced execution of heavy tasks.
    Improved cache-support
    Use /usb flush to flush caches to yml-files
  • Removed command
    Old async command is gone

See for issue's here