uSkyblock v2.4.1


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    Sep 21, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


New or updated in v2.4.1

  • Spawn Limits
    Allow for per-island limits on:
    • animals
    • monsters
    • villagers
  • Island Talk (updated and expand)
    You can now talk to your party /ptk <message> (server wide) or
    players on your island /it <message> (island only including trusted players).
  • Ignore-islands
    /usb island ignore will ignore the island on top-10 and purge
  • Improved perk system
    Make collections of perks for your players, perks include:
    • schematics
    • maxParty
    • animals
    • monsters
    • villagers
    • hungerReduction
    • rewardBonus
    • extraItems
  • Improved purge system
    Purge will now be MUCH faster than before, but will no longer delete the island (the actual blocks), it will happen once the island is reclaimed through the orphan-system
  • Improved orphan system
    Orphans are now handled much more elegantly in the plugin, and the orphans will be released depending on the distance to spawn/origin/0,0
    The center of the skyworld will always be the one with the most active islands.
  • i18n override
    We now support located in the plugin folder, for overloading/overwriting the current translations.
    The format follows the property files found within the jar (See here for an tutorial)
  • AsyncWorldEdit support
    We now support detecting when AWE is in use (no more need for the delay on schematics)
    • Note: This is stil experimental - so it might display some bugs.

See for issue's here