Unfortunately, yeah, this plugin is dead. I've repeatedly said that I've no time left for it. The source are available but nobody's dare to maintain it, only complain that it doesn't evolve. Sorry internet, blame yourself for that. There's no charge for this plugin, I've never asked for donations. Now if you want to make it live (if it's worth it as "many other plugins are better" as i've read sometimes), use your brain, use your skills, use your own time. By now, I'm done.


This plug-in aims at adding some purpose to the villagers. Instead of walking around, villagers can also performs tasks depending on their profession. As they walk around, they will grow food, cut trees, gather sugar cane to make books, get wool, use furnaces, mine, etc.

Changelog for 0.4.0

  • Added a configuration key in 'config.yml' that avoid 'not useful villagers' messages.
  • Blacksmith now also cook pork (how strange it is ...).
  • Various internal technical improvement.
Quote from Some Random GameDev:

There's now a dependency to Gson. You'll have to download the third library jar, store it somewhere and update the -Djava.ext.dirs parameter.


First, a complete manual is available here.

Villagers professions can be set by right-clicking with the appropriate items:

  • Wheat : Transforms a villager into a 'farmer'. A farmer will harvest wheat, melon and pumpkin, sugar cane.
  • Book : Transforms a villager into a 'librarian'. Librarians take sugar cane from chest, use nearby workbench to produce books and put back produced books in the next encountered chest. Librarian can also 'study' weird items, such has glowstone dust, blaze powder, ghast tears, and give back experience points to players (study time depends on the given item).
  • Iron ingot : Transforms a villager into a 'blacksmith'. Blacksmith with furnaces and chests in there surrounding will automatically transfer goods from furnace to chest and start smelting job from chest content. If interacted with a gold pickaxe, the blacksmith gain (or loose) mining ability (see manual for full description/usage).
  • Leather : Transforms a villager into a simple 'butcher'. Butcher, for now, uses shear to collect wool from sheep.
  • Glass Bottle : Transforms a villager into a 'priest'. Priest heal and defend villager (and player) with spells.

A villager can be provided with items by right-clicking on it.

  • Give an hoe to a farmer and it will be able to transform dirt/grass to soil and plant seeds.
  • Give seeds to a farmer to allow him planting seed.
  • Give an axe to a farmer and it will be able to cut tree (if the tree is marked for cutting).
  • Give sugar cane to librarian and it will craft books as soon as it cans.
  • Give interesting stuff to librarian and it will study them and give back experience to you after time.
  • Give shears to butcher and it will collect wool from sheep.
  • Give stone or iron pickaxes to blacksmith and if it has a mining ability, it will mine below iron blocks.
  • Give glowstone dust to priest and it will heal surrounding players and villagers.
  • Give blaze rod to priest and it will set nearby monsters on fire (creepers/spider/skeleton/zombie).

(Extra : Give torches to a golem and it will place them in encountered dark places).

When a chest is encountered, the villagers will put their products in it (wheat, melon, pumpkin, wood logs, sugar cane, books, wool).


It is not a 'active AI'. It is not experimental and rely totally on bukkit API. Hence, this plugin doesn't override villager behaviour but add some features to it. The villagers will continue to move and act as they're used to. But, periodically, player-activated villagers will modify their environment accordingly to their profession.


  • Add priest brewing capabilities.
  • Add more flexible serialization (XML or other) to allow easy migration without blasting all !
  • Add blacksmith charcoal production management.
  • Add butcher management (animals breeding and processing).
  • Add commands for live administration.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Rejected Suggestions

First of all, keep in mind that I can't alter villagers movement.

  • Fishing : Heart breaking, but it's not possible ...
  • Villager self-defense : out of my range (only passive area of effet enabled via priest).
  • Structure building


None for the moment. See Roadmap.

Configuration and Permissions

Again, a complete manual is available here with details concerning configuration and permissions. Check this out and read it !


Don't hesitate to report any problems or make any suggestions here.


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