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Create upgrades for weapons and tools! Allow players to make their equipment better by crafting or finding upgrades. Perfect for any RPG server looking for a new way to let players make their equipment better. All weapons, armor, and tools, can now have certain upgrades added to them to add enchantments. If Steve kills a zombie and finds a "Spike Pad" he can add it to his diamond helmet to add the thorns enchantment to it. Upgrades can be obtained through special (configurable) crafting recipes and/or through mob drops. Upgrades can then be added by right clicking the upgrade, and then the item you want to add it to. Simple! Easy! Fun!


  • Upgrades that add enchantments to equipment.
  • Use default upgrades or make your own!
  • Make mobs drop upgrades.
  • Special recipes for making upgrades.
  • Sound effects when using upgrades.
  • More to come!


You can change...

  • An Upgrades Name, Name Color, Display Item, Enchantment, Recipe
  • The chance mobs will drop upgrades.
  • Which mobs can drop upgrades
  • The chance a certain upgrade will be dropped
  • The names and messages for every part of the plugin.

Configuration Page

Future Changes

Future changes...

  • Continue to add default upgrades
  • Control which mobs can drop which upgrades.
  • Expand upgrades beyond enchantment additions.
  • More to come!


Leave a comment, send me a PM, or shoot me an email at Ajaxan@redfootdev.com Also, feel free to add me on Skype: mc.Ajaxan


Currently, I run my own little network called "The Terra Network." It isn't anything fancy right now but I'm always messing around on there and working on my own server ideas. IP: mc-tn.net

I am also looking for fun little plugin projects to keep me busy. If you have any ideas send me a PM!


If you like my work feel free to support me. I love making plugins but this is a great way to motivate me to make certain changes or updates! Thanks for using my plugins and being awesome!



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