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Current release - 1.4

  • New GUI, Custom Enchantments, bug fixes and more!
  • Delete previous config.yml file and allow new config to be generated


  • ItemAPI - This is my personal API which is used in my plugins
  • ProtocolLib - Library needed for certain item modifications


Vault required for economy options

Implements non-chat notifications (Titles)

  • TitleMaster (1.8) - link coming
  • TitleMaster (Spigot 1.8.3) - link coming

Required Minecraft Server

  • Tested on CraftBukkit and Spigot 1.8/1.8.3
  • Works on 1.7 servers (download appropriate ProtocolLib for your server version)

More plugins!

Check out my other plugins which make up a suite of compatible plugins.

  • Skills - Add a GUI-based leveling skill system.
  • Special Arrows (unreleased) - Players unlock special arrows through a simple GUI system.
  • Stunned - Increased difficulty by allowing players to be stunned by mobs.

What is Upgradable?

Upgradable introduces an entire upgrade system for weapons and armor to vanilla Minecraft or servers looking to add special weapons as rewards and add some flavor to their vanilla server. Players can upgrade their existing weapons, tools and armor by interacting with a simple GUI, a CitizenNPC or a simple sign!

A robust configuration system allows a server owner the ability to choose how many upgrades an item can get, what mobs drop upgrade tokens, how many upgrade tokens drop, which custom enchantments are active and more!

Line Commands

  • '/ug check' will tell a player how much it costs to upgrade the held item (this is displayed on the item as well)
  • '/ug buy' provides help on buying upgrades
  • '/ug buy UPGRADE AMOUNT' where UPGRADE is weapon|w, armor|a, tool|t
  • '/ug token' will provide a upgrade count to the player
  • '/ug reload' will reload Upgradable config file (OP COMMAND)
  • /ug give PLAYER a|w|t AMOUNT' give Player an amount of tokens (OP COMMAND)

(most of the above non-OP commands are included in the GUI for easy use)

What weapons and armor can be upgraded?

All weapons, armor and tools can be upgraded (Bows coming soon). Upgradable uses Item Lore to store its information so other Lore altering plugins could potentially conflict with Upgradable. We play nicely with other Lore plugins by keeping existing Lore on an item, but they may not be so kind in return. Use care.

So, how does it work?

You can choose allow players to upgrade items by GUI, Citizens NPCs or simply add Signs in game to do the same task. If you choose a sign, simply add 'upgrade' to the 1st line and either armor, weapon or tool to the 2nd line.

Each player has a virtual upgrade bank for each item type (armor, weapon, tool). Each upgrade costs a certain amount and a player must have enough of that type of upgrade available to complete the upgrade of the item. Players can earn 'tokens' in their bank by killing mobs or by you issuing them via command which is useful to award them as perks (via BuyCraft) or through some other way in-game.

Since this system generally replaces the level based enchantment system, I would discourage the allowance of enchantment tables as it could cause severe imbalance to the system. Upgradable disables the crafting of enchantment tables, however you could enable it through the configuration.

Allowing players to enchant item through regular tables will create VERY overpowered items. Use caution!

Download Goals!

  • 1-11-15 - Reached 100 downloads - Thanks!
  • 1-26-15 - Reached 200 downloads - Thanks!!
  • 1-31-15 - Reached 300 downloads - 100 downloads in last 5 days! Thanks!!
  • 2-16-15 - Reached 400 downloads - Thanks!
  • 3-16-15 - Reached 500 downloads - Thanks!
  • 4-16-15 - Reached 600 downloads - Thanks!
  • 6-18-15 - Reached 800 downloads - Thanks!

Plugin Review

Coming soon!

Servers using Upgradable

PM me with your IP address


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