Unusual Hats in Minecraft!

What is Unusuals?

Unusuals is a plugin I made over the course of a few hours because I felt like it. What it does is add Unusual hats (like in TF2) to Minecraft. These hats have an unusual effect attached to them, which is defined in the config. When a player is wearing one, their hat will emit particles as per its configuration. So, a Burning Flames helmet will emit flame particles. You can also configure the speed and radius of the particles, as well as the tick interval between particles spawning and the number to spawn each time.

How do I start using it?

To start using Unusuals, just drop it in your plugins folder. Then, use the command "/unusual spawn ITEM_NAME Effect Name" to add an unusual with the given effect to your inventory. For example, "/unusual spawn DIAMOND_HELMET Burning Flames" will spawn a Burning Flames Diamond Helmet. If you want to add custom effects, see the predefined ones for reference, as well as this page for a list of usable particle effects.

Will it break between Minecraft versions?

No. The plugin supports Minecraft versions going back to 1.7.10 via its legacy NMS hooks, and will support new versions for the forseeable future courtesy of the native particle API introduced in Bukkit for 1.9.


This plugin is designed to submit anonymous usage statistics to MCStats,org. Click here for a list detailing data it collects, and click the below graph to see them:

Source Code

Unusuals' source code is available under an MIT license. It may be used, modified, and redistributed under the same license.



Special thanks to HostHorde for supporting Unusuals! Make sure to check them out!


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