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Hello all ! I present you my plugin, which I hope for it is going to serve you: it is about an alternative of modding, which allows you to create craft recipes and furnace recipes.

And this is a pretty example of what the plugin can do :D

magic_sponge magic_furnace


There is 3 config files, one for the global config, an other for crafting recipes and last is for furnace recipes. I'll not explain how to, but you can configure recipes directly by theses files but I recommand that only for advanced users wich they know what are they doing.

Commands & Permissions

here (you can use ingame command /ur help [page])

How to create recipes

To create a new recipe you just have to take the wanted result in your main hand (you can customise it like name, lores, enchantments, unbreakability (and more ...) with commands), and use the "/ur create" command (see commands page above). Once you used the command you will be able to configure the shape (if shaped recipe) and the ingredients of the recipe. When you finished, just press the green wool to save the new recipe.

create result

That's all ! You can test it and enjoy :D (I confess that my bow is a little strong, but it's coool)

The recipe will give you EXACTLY the block/item that you have in hand during the registration (it could be a written book, an enchanted stuff, a potion, an item with customized name/lore, what you want...)

Blacklisting Items

You can define a "blacklisted_items" list in the 'config.yml' (you can also use commands to do this, see below), it delete all the default recipes for this item (before loading custom recipes). It will delete all the furnace and crafting recipes.

#Exemple config
enableBlackList: true


Have fun ! :)


Minecraft is powerful but at this point there is some limits:

  • You can't ask to have a certain amount of item at one slot
  • You can't ask to have an item with a custom name/lore at one slot


Un update feature is included, you can disable it if you want in the 'config.yml' with:

enableUpdateChecking: true    # or false to disable
enableUpdateDownloading: true    # or false to disable

For a support request or any suggestion, open a ticket

Don't hesitate to make a comment :)

PS: I'm French, you can talk to me in french :)


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