Unified Tools Modpack Protection

Unified Tools Modpack Protection (Requires ProtocolLib)

This plugin is dedicated to help protect vulnerable servers from griefers/cheaters or hackers accross minecraft modpacks. It helps prevent bugs and cheating inside of the game.

Currently supported modpacks/mods/Minecraft versions: 

  • Vanilla minecraft
    • Armor Synchronizer: Makes sure the armor slots of the player is synchronized.
    • Beacon Crash Fix: Prevents the beacon from crashing the game.
    • Book Meta Cleanup: Makes sure book information is cleaned correctly when changed.
    • Modpack Command: 
      • Universal permission for this command | modpackfix.allow 
      • /modpack - Used to use the base commands of this plugin.
      • /modpack reload - Reloads the plugin.
      • /modpack status -  Shows the status of the plugin and currently active features.
      • /modpack help - Shows some helpful information about the commands.
      • /modpack iteminfo - Shows information about the currently held item.
      • /modpack blockinfo - Shows information about the next clicked block.
      • /modpack entityinfo - Shows information about the next clicked entity.
      • /modpack inventoryinfo - Shows information about the currently open inventory 2 seconds after using command.
    • Validate Actions: Makes sure actions are properly done.
  • Minecraft Forge
    • Forge Multipart Fix: Makes sure forge multiparts are placed correctly.
  • Technic Platform - Voltz 2.0.40
    • /gcmenu - Used to open the player dimension gui. | Permission: modpack.gcmenu
    • /gcinv <player> - Used to find out what items a player has in his/her galacticraft inventory slots. | Permission: modpack.gcinv
    • Galacticraft slots fixer: Makes sure that whenever a player dies, the player looses all his items including what is inside of his galacticraft inventory slots.
    • /pass - Used to get the password of the current selected items. Example "Electric chest". | Permission: modpack.pass
    • Minefactory Reloaded Addon: Adds the Robit to the MFRRegistry to prevent safari net capture and autospawner spawning of the entity.
    • Player Death Message Fix: This fixes the death messages of the player. Example "death.attack.overheat" Turns into "<player>'s Power Armor overheated".
    • Player Drop Fix: Makes sure blocks dropped when destroyed drops the correct amount of items.
    • Dynamic Tank Crash Prevention: Prevents player from moving or using fuel or oil inside or outside of the dynamic tank. 
    • Proper Interaction: Fixes several interaction bugs.
    • Proper Inventory Handling: Closes inventories when they should be closed in the first place but where it doesn't.
    • Proper Movement: Stops entities from moving where they can cause a bug or crash and removes harmful potion effects when teleporting due to a command/plugin.
    • Recipe Correction: Fixes some wrongfully combined recipies. For example wrench recipies.
    • Container Click Restriction: Stops player from duping inside of some containers by clicking on specific points or in patterns.
    • WorldGuard Voltz Compat: 
      • Requires WorldGuard and WGCustomFlags to be installed.
      • flags: 
        • anti-microblocks: Stops microblocks from being placed inside of a region.
        • voltz-protect: Fixes a bunch of possible bypasses for worldguard. An example is wrenching inside of a region. This also stops players from being damaged by example uranium inside of a region protected by this flag.
    • Bugged Connection Prevention: Stops loads of different bugs/dupes when placing certain blocks next to others.


  • Aurilisdev (aurilisdev@gmail.com)


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