1.6f There was a bug with my upload this should be the correct file (25-26 kb).


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    Aug 4, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


Fixed config.yml comments (directions / help)
Fixed bug where item clicked with was treated and used as result of recipe
Fixed bug where you could not uncraft an item, unless you had enough of it for all its uncrafting recipes
Fixed bug where you would run through all uncrafting recipes for the particular item, instead of just a random 1 each time
Fixed messages and attempted to make messages easier to understand.
Fixed multiple data value bugs (durability)
Unregistered UnCrafter command as it has no use and there are no plans to use it
Various unrecorded bug fixes

Added config version for update purposes
Added configurable Blacklist
Added custom message system! All that's left is for uses to send me their translations!
Added Per-World include / exclude lists!
Added semi-hidden changelog.txt
Added support for items with multiple data values: oak versus jungle wood, andesite versus smooth stone, etc... (durability), old config should still work
Added support for vanilla tools, weapons, and armours' recycled based on remaining durability (Always rounded down). This only supports vanilla tools.


Completely removed auto install as it was unstable, unsupported, and took up 10kb of space! Oh, and bukkit hated it!

Note: There are no known or expected bugs in the this version. This version should take up only 25-26 kb of space.