What is Unbreakable and how does it work?

Unbreakable is a simple, lightweight plugin that prevents any items on your server from taking damage. ​Whenever the server starts (compatible with reloads!) and whenever a player joins, it will fix all of their tools and armor, including items such as flint and steel, shears, and fishing rods! Your tools will never break again!

How do you set up Unbreakable?

To set up Unbreakable, simply install the plugin and run your server. It works straight 'out of the box', with nothing else needed.​

How do you install Unbreakable?

To install Unbreakable, simply drag and drop the .jar file into your plugins folder and run your server!​


This plugin uses Metrics! To opt out, go to your plugins folder, PluginMetrics, open the config.yml and set the opt-out to true! http://mcstats.org/plugin/Unbreakable Unbreakable Statistics

Automatic Updating

This plugin will automatically update as of version 1.5! If a new version has been released on this page, it will automatically download the latest update. To disable this, go to your plugins folder and find the Updater folder. Enter the config.yml of that folder, and set "disabled" to "true".


1.0 Initial Release (didn't work D:)

1.1 It actually works now :P

1.2 Switched to craftbukkit API instead of Spigot

1.3 Now compiled with Java JDK 7, should work on all servers

1.4 Added Metrics!

1.5 Automatic updating

Download Milestones

10 [✓]

25 [✓]

50 [✓ ]

100 [✓]

250 [✓]

500 [✓]

1000 [✘]

5000 [✘]


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