Plugin does not create configuration file #19

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Assigned to _ForgeUser7442387
  • yarkhs created this issue Jul 28, 2013

    I installed the plugin and used my server for some time today, but no configuration file was created.

    I use the latest version of the plugin and bukkit.

    My server output

    2013-07-29 00:51:22 [INFO] [UltraLogger] Enabling UltraLogger v2.1
    2013-07-29 00:51:22 [INFO] [UltraLogger] Checking for Updates ...
    2013-07-29 00:51:26 [INFO] [UltraLogger] You're running latest build available.
    2013-07-29 00:51:26 [INFO] [UltraLogger] has been enabled

  • yarkhs added the tags New Task Jul 28, 2013

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