UltraLogger v1.6.5


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    Sep 29, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R1.0



  • Compatibility with skylab
  • Rollback commands for blocks
  • [Admin] prefix permission
  • Flat files optimization (readded a new line each log written)
  • Fixed latest build issue, lastDelTime issue, Max lines issue and NewFileEvery issue


  • Sql injection hotfix (Many thanks to allpeg for this fast solution)


  • All Mysql loggers are added
  • Multi threading sql loggers
  • History of a block can be checked


  • Fixed all MySQL errors
  • the update checker now show you the latest build so you can see if you have it


  • Fixed main errors
  • Add the choice of the database to use
  • Remove plugin metrics


  • Improved update checker
  • Added MySQL logging for blocks, chat and commands
  • Added gamemode with the name of the players


  • Added languages translations via lang.yml file


  • Fixed update checker error
  • Logs when they are created periodically are cteated in a dated folder


  • Changed decimals numbers into integers


  • Better logs
  • Compatibility with McMMO
  • Now you'll see when a player put items in a container or take items from a container
  • Added Plugin Metrics


  • Removed the plugin logs for UltraLogger
  • Added an update checker
  • Added inventory Logger
  • Recoded the config.yml file because before this it wasn't working


  • Improved plugin logger
  • Added option to create a new log each period of DAY, WEEK, MONTH or NEVER.
  • Fixed craft bug


  • Added world logger
  • Added weather logger
  • Added player logger
  • Added entity logger
  • Added vehicle logger
  • Added command logger
  • Added craft logger
  • Added enchantment logger
  • Added log options Append and max lines
  • Started plugin logger but now just record when a plugin is enabled and disabled


  • Added chat logger
  • Created this plugin