Upgrade (remove logs) #181

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Assigned to _ForgeUser7037478
  • _ForgeUser9071515 created this issue Aug 29, 2013

    Can you please add in
    /removelog {ip}
    Removes the massive log of players who have joined under that ip

    and /logsee enable/disable
    allows you to turn of the logs of a ip for you

    I have 3 internet cafe's that join my server and its kinda annoying when a player joins and it wipes chat clean,nothing but the logs of that ip

    I was hoping you could make like a on/off switch for a oped player/player with perm for checking who has joined under that ip

    I was also hopeing that you could make it so that you can reset the players who have logged on from the ip from that ip with a ingame command

  • _ForgeUser9071515 added the tags New Task Aug 29, 2013

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