Ultrabans v1.0.0


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    Jun 5, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R3.0



Rethreaded DupeIP command
Rethreaded CheckIP command
Rethreaded Checkban command
Added Customizable Max Warnings Results
Added Word checking system /w configurable result and blocking techiniques
Added IP blocking from chat /w configurable result and blocking techiniques
Added Spam checking system /w configurable result and blocking techiniques
Set Listeners Lower on Priority to run before other plugins.
Adjusted all message formats for custom colors (jail messages ect.)
Changed Silent notification from ":S:" to "Silent:" Italicized
Removed Default messages and add Regex check for missing wildcards
Fixed Permissions Typo
Fixed dupeip glitch
Reworked Import / Export Fixes Gltich for server overload
Fixed SQLite glitch for odd row deletion, Fix for sqlite rebanning or not replacing player entries
Removed static association for logging.
Fixed Tempban/tempipban/tempjail Argument selection for Silent and Anonymous Actions
Moved /jail pardon to its on command /pardon reused from vanilla
Reworked Kick * override for players
Removed perfect player name spelling require on commands
Fixed ipban glitch for players new played.
Added sync option
Inefficiency code cleanup and plugin optimization

/jail will interfere with other jail plugins. Use Ultrabans Lite instead.
/umute will not interfere with other muting systems however, its recommended to check other systems considering that a mute can be placed by mutiple plugins.
All other commands will interfere with other banning systems with similiar commands.
Some messages are not configurable yet. This will come in later updates.
Plugins with lower priorities may overtake listeners.