Ultrabans Lite

Ultrabans Lite

Administration Tool For Bukkit Tired of Paranoid Plugins? Take charge of your server with the lite version.

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Link to the newest Config.yml
Ultrabans Lite is an administration tool that gives the user more tools than a simple ban. Most of the commands are self explanatory, considering the server aficionado will most likely have they're own methods of administration.
This is a box'o'tools use to your discretion.
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Important Read the ChangeLog

Ultrabans Lite
With some specific features removed. Ultrabans Lite is now available. Simply move your Original UltraBans config to the UltraBansLite Folder and simply thats it. All the base functionality of ultrabans but without the added features. However if you liked the features and want to stay up dated to the original both will update together. You can find the original Here. Enjoy :)



Required Info {} Optional () Loggable in Database* Silent -s Anonymous -a

/ban {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
bans a player*
node: ultraban.ban
/tempban {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason}
temporarily bans a player*
node: ultraban.tempban
/ipban {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
alt: /ipban {ipv4} (-s/-a) {reason}
ip bans a player*
node: ultraban.ipban
/tempipban {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason}
temporarily ipbans a player*
node: ultraban.tempipban
/permaban {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
un-unbannable ban*
node: ultraban.permaban
/unban {player}
unbans a player*
node: ultraban.unban
/checkban {player}
checks the status of a player
node: ultraban.check
/checkip {player}
checks the ip of a player
node: ultraban.checkip
/dupeip {player}
checks the usage of a player's ip
node: ultraban.dupeip
/kick {player / * } (-s/-a) {reason}
kicks a player* (* Kicks all players)
node: ultraban.kick
node: ultraban.kick.all
/warn {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
warns a player*
node: ultraban.warn
/history {amt}
Gives a history of Utrabans Entries by time
node: ultraban.history
/editban (help)
method of editing a stored ban
node: ultraban.editban
displays ultrabans help in game
node: ultraban.help
reloads the current bans
node: ultraban.reload
displays the current version
node: ultraban.version
exports bans to a useable banlist and ipbans txt
node: ultraban.export
import bans to a useable banlist and ipbans txt
node: ultraban.import


Please Ticket if you have any issues/suggestions/ and-or comments.


Follow Ultrabans Original Basic Upgrades


A complete list of all permission nodes in order here.


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