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Ultimate SurvivalGames is a fully configurable plugin, that allow players to play full automaticly survival games! The plugins is very customizable and can be set up different on each server!


  • Arena vote function with GUI
  • Own chests blocks
  • Deathmatch function
  • Spectator Mode
  • Configurable Scoreboard
  • Configurable Messages
  • Automaticly start and map-reset
  • Unlimited game lobbys with unlimited arenas
  • Multiverse support
  • Seperate chat (in-game and global)
  • And much more...

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/sg                                                      The Main Command, shows the main help site/
/sg startStart a gamesg.start
/sg join <LOBBYNAME>Join a Gamesg.join
/sg leaveLeft a gamesg.join
/sg vote <ARENAID>Vote for an arenasg.join
/sg listList of all available lobbyssg.list
/sg lobbyShow the lobby helpsitesg.lobby
/sg lobby create <NAME>Creates a lobbysg.lobby
/sg lobby setspawn <NAME>Set the spawn of the lobby!sg.lobby
/sg lobby unload <NAME>Unload the lobby from the RAMsg.lobby
/sg lobby load <NAME>Load a lobby to the RAM and enable it.sg.lobby
/sg lobby reload <NAME>Unload and reload a lobbysg.lobby
/sg lobby list <NAME>List of all loaded arenas in a lobbysg.lobby
/sg lobby delete <NAME>Delete a lobby.sg.lobby
/sg arena create <LOBBYNAME> <ARENA NAME>Creates an arena in the specify Game-Lobby!sg.arena
/sg arena toolsGives the arena selection tools!sg.arena
/sg arena select <LOBBYNAME> <ARENA NAME>Select the specify arena in the specify Game-Lobby!sg.arena
/sg arena checkShows what must be done to finish the selected arena!sg.arena
/sg arena addspawnAdds a Spawn on the selected arena!sg.arena
/sg arena removespawn <ID>Removes a Spawn on the selected arena!sg.arena
/sg arena deathmatchDisabled or enabled the arena deathmatch!sg.arena
/sg arena deathmatch addAdds a deathmatch spawn!sg.arena
/sg arena deathmatch remove <ID>Removes a Spawn of the arena deathmatch!sg.arena
/sg arena finishFinish the arena setup and enable the arena!sg.arena
Spectate after you die or if you join a started gamesg.spectate

English Video Tutorial

Click also here to watch portuguese tutorial by AbsintoJ.

Its not prohibited to leave a subscribe.

Planned features

  • Add kits with special abilities
  • Option for voting a random arena
  • Add point system
  • Add achievements
  • Configurable delay between win of the game and start of the reset
  • mysql/sqlite saved stats
  • seperated chat and tab list
  • Optional BarAPI support
  • invisible dome with adjustable size in the middle of the deathmatch arena
  • Use /sg join instead of /sg join <LOBBYNAME> if only one arena is defined!
  • Add option to change the weather disabling

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Plugin update checking/Plugin Statistics

  • The plugin connects automaticly to curse (while enabling) , to inform you when a new update is available. If you don't want this, set the option "enable-update-check" in the config.yml of the SurvivalGames folder to false.
  • The plugins sends automaticly statistic informations like current player amount, java version, etc. to http://mcstats.org/! If you don't want this, set the option "opt-out" in the config.yml of the PluginMetrics folder to true.



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