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UltimateRockets allows you to create four different types of rocket launchers with commands, customise rockets easily with the rocket editor and dozens of other things! It can be useful for New Year's Eve, special events or other celebrations with its wide functionality ;)


  • You can create four different types of launchers (Amount, Timer, Infinite and Chest)
  • Non-temporary launchers are persistent
  • You can add launchers to your list and let them activate/deactivate simultaneously
  • You can teleport yourself to launchers
  • Shows details for launchers
  • You can easily customise your rockets with the rocket editor
  • Rockets can be saved
  • You can load rockets into the editor for editing them another time
  • Shows you all rocket creations
  • You can give yourself or other players rockets
  • Detailed help pages

All listed features above are always referring to the newest version of UltimateRockets!

Commands & Permissions

/launcher amount <amount> <delay> <hand/editor/list/random/name> <temporary> <activate> [target]Creates a new amount launcherUltimateRockets.launcher.amount
/launcher timer <duration> <delay> <hand/editor/list/random/name> <temporary> <activate> [target]Creates a new timer launcherUltimateRockets.launcher.timer
/launcher infinite <delay> <hand/editor/list/random/name> <temporary> <activate> [target]Creates a new infinite launcherUltimateRockets.launcher.infinite
/launcher chest <delay> <temporary> <activate>Creates a new chest launcherUltimateRockets.launcher.chest
/launcher activate <name/list/all>Activates specific launchersUltimateRockets.launcher.activate
/launcher deactivate <name/list/all>Deactivates specific launchersUltimateRockets.launcher.deactivate
/launcher remove <name/list/all>Removes specific launchersUltimateRockets.launcher.remove
/launcher tp <name>Teleports you to a specific launcherUltimateRockets.launcher.tp
/launcher details <name>Shows details of a specific launcherUltimateRockets.launcher.details
/launcher list <add/remove> <name/all>Modifies your launcher listUltimateRockets.launcher.list
/launcher contentsShows the contents of your launcher listUltimateRockets.launcher.contents
/launcher reloadReloads the whole pluginUltimateRockets.reload
/launcher help [page]Shows the launcher help pagesNone
/rocket editorShows the rocket editorUltimateRockets.rocket.editor
/rocket creationsShows all rocket creationsUltimateRockets.rocket.creations
/rocket save <hand/editor> [name]Saves a specific rocket to fileUltimateRockets.rocket.save
/rocket remove <name>Removes a specific rocketUltimateRockets.rocket.remove
/rocket load <hand/name>Loads a specific rocket into the editorUltimateRockets.rocket.load
/rocket give <hand/editor/random/name> <amount> [player]Gives you or another player a specific rocketUltimateRockets.rocket.give
/rocket fill <hand/editor/name>Fills a container block with specific rockets (chest, dispenser etc.)UltimateRockets.rocket.fill
/rocket list <add/remove> <name/all>Modifies your rocket listUltimateRockets.rocket.list
/rocket contentsShows the contents of your rocket listUltimateRockets.rocket.contents
/rocket reloadReloads the whole pluginUltimateRockets.reload
/rocket help [page]Shows the rocket help pagesNone
-All UltimateRockets permissionsUltimateRockets.*
-All launcher permissionsUltimateRockets.launcher.*
-All rocket permissionsUltimateRockets.rocket.*

How to create a rocket launcher?

Click here for a detailed tutorial for creating a rocket launcher.


Take a look at this page for more informations about the config.yml!

Bugs? Errors? Problems? New Ideas?

If you find any bug/error send me a message or post a comment, please! You can also send me any ideas you have for this plugin.



Videos wanted for version 1.0.0 or newer!

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