This resource has now been updated to support 1.8 fully, however you can now only use this resource with 1.8 only!

Network's currently using this resource

  • Arkham Network - mc.arkhamnetwork.org
  • AntCraft Network - mc.antcraft.net
  • MC-Legends Network - play.mc-legends.com
  • ThrillMC Network - mc.thrill-mc.com
  • ReeveMC Network - play.reevemc.com

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This plugin offers a great way to give your donators a special feel within your server by the use of player particle trails, Overall the plugin comes with 23 unique particle effects all with there very own permission node's and all packed into a user friendly GUI ( Graphical User Interface). Further down this description I will go over the commands and all the permissions this plugin has.


The command used to access the help menu is as follows - /upack ( This is the only command available )

  • /upack - This command opens a list in chat that tells you the author, version and tells you how to access the help menu.
  • /upack help - This command opens a list with three other commands to turn off particles, list all particles and active a particle by a name.
  • /upack off - This command turn off an active particle.
  • /upack list - This command gives you a list of all useable particles.
  • /upack (name) - This command allows you to activate a particle by it's name.
  • /upack menu - This command will open the main GUI.


The following permissions will allow you to add certain particles to certain groups.

Permissions to use the plugin:

  • upack.off
  • upack.help
  • upack.menu
  • upack.list
  • upack.joinitem

Permissions for the particles:

  • upack.cloud
  • upack.color
  • upack.ender
  • upack.explosion
  • upack.fire
  • upack.firework
  • upack.instspell
  • upack.lavadrip
  • upack.heart
  • upack.magic
  • upack.music
  • upack.portal
  • upack.slime
  • upack.smoke
  • upack.snowball
  • upack.spark
  • upack.spell
  • upack.splash
  • upack.void
  • upack.waterdrip
  • upack.enchant
  • upack.witch
  • upack.villager
  • upack.angry


To change the message when you activate a particle you must use " %particle " to get the particle name!

  • ParticleMessage: '&eNow using the &b%particle &eparticle'

Set this to true or false if you want to have the menu tool on join.

  • OnJoin: false

Change the lore of the item which opens the particle GUI.

  • ParticleMenuLore: - '&7Particle Pack Menu Tool' - '&7Right click to open'

Change the slot of the item on join. 0-8

  • ParticleMenuSlot: 0

Change the material of the item on join.

  • material: NETHER_STAR

Change the particle menu tool name.

  • ParticleMenuName: '&aParticlePack'

Change the GUI name for the particle menu.

  • ParticleMenuGUIName: '&bParticle Menu'

Change the individual lore's of each item in the GUI, all of these lore's can use the color codes using "&".

  • FlameLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • FireworkLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • ColorLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • EnchantLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • EnderLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • ExplosionLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • LavaLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • LoveLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • MagicLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • MusicLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • PortalLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • SlimeLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • CritLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • SmokeLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • SnowballLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • SparkLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • SpellLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • SplashLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • VoidLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • WaterdripLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • CloudLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • VillagerLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • AngryLore: '&7Left click to activate'
  • WitchLore: '&7Left click to activate'

This lore will change the lore of the deactivate particle item.

  • DeactivateLore: '&7Left click to deactivate a particle'

This lore will change the lore of the next page item.

  • NextpageLore: '&7Left click to go to the next page'

This lore will change the lore of the back to main menu item.

  • BacktomainLore: '&7Left click to go back to the main menu'

What Would You Like To See?

What features would you guys like to see implemented into this plugin leave some feedback and your opinions below!

Please vote if you like the plugin, highly appreciated. :)


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