Ultimate Core

An up-to-date feature list is available here: http://ultimatecore.ga/features

Not all commands are in this list yet so the list is still WIP.


accountstatus/<command> <Player>uc.accountstatusChecks if an account is premium or not.
afk/<command> [Player]uc.afk, uc.afk.othersMarks you as away-from-keyboard.
alert/<command> <Message>uc.alertSends everyone on the server an alert message.
answer/<command> <Player> <Message>uc.answerAnswer a question send by /ask
ask/<command> <Message>uc.ask, uc.support (You need uc.support to see the /ask messages)Ask a question
back/<command>uc.backTeleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp.
ban/<command> <Player> [Time] [Reason]uc.ban, uc.ban.time, uc.ban.perm (uc.ban gives you both uc.ban.time and uc.ban.perm)Bans the target player.
ban/<command> <Player/IP> [Time] [Reason]uc.banip, uc.banip.time, uc.banip.perm (uc.banip gives you both uc.banip.time and uc.banip.perm)Ip-bans the target player/ip.
banlist/<command>uc.banlistView a list of all current bans.
broadcast/<command> <Message>uc.broadcastBroadcasts a message.
burn/<command> <Player> [Time]uc.burnSet someone on fire.
butcher/<command> [Type] [Range]uc.butcherKill all monsters in a certain area.
clean/<command> [World]uc.cleanClean the world, to reduce lag.
clear/<command> [player] [item[:<data>]] [amount]uc.clear, uc.clear.othersClear all items in your inventory.
clearchat/<command> [Player]uc.clearchatClears the chat.
compact/<command> [Hand]uc.compactCompact the items in your inventory.
compass/<command> [Player]uc.compass, uc.compass.othersSet the compass location of someone to your current location.
coordinates/<command> [Player]uc.coordinates, uc.coordinates.othersGet the location of a certain player.
damage/<command> [Player] [Damage]uc.damage, uc.damage.othersDamage someone for a certain amount of damage.
deaf/<command> <Player> [Time]uc.deaf, uc.deaf.time, uc.deaf.perm (uc.deaf gives you both uc.deaf.time and uc.deaf.perm)Make someone not able to receive chat.
deaflist/<command>uc.deaflistView a list of all current deaf players.
delhome/<command> [Player:][Name]uc.delhome, uc.delhome.othersRemove a home.
deljail/<command> <Name>uc.deljailRemove a jail.
delspawn/<command> [-w (world spawn)] [-n (newbie spawn)] [g:GROUP (group spawn)]uc.delspawnRemove a spawn.
delwarp/<command> <Warp>uc.delwarpRemove a warp.
editsign/<command> <1-4> [Text]uc.editsign, uc.editsign.coloredEdit a sign.
effect/<command> <Player> <Effect/Clear> [Duration] [Level]uc.effectGive someone a certain potion effect.
enchant/<command> <Enchantment> [Level]uc.enchant, uc.enchant.unsafeEnchant the item in your hand.
enderchest/<command> [Player]uc.enderchest, uc.enderchest.othersOpen an enderchest.
experience/<command> [-][XP][L] [Player]uc.experience, uc.experience.show, uc.experience.show.others, uc.experience.set, uc.experience.set.others (uc.experience gives every experience permission)View or set the expierence of someone or yourself.
extinguish/<command> [Player]uc.extinguish, uc.extinguish.othersExtinguish someone.
feed/<command> [Player]uc.feed, uc.feed.othersFeed someone.
fireball/<command> [Type]uc.fireballShoot a fireball.
firework/<command> [clear] [power:<amount>] [color:<COLOR[,COLOR]]>] [fade:<COLOR[,COLOR]]>] [shape:<star/ball/large/creeper/burst>] [effect:<trail/twinkle>[,trail/twinkle]]uc.fireworkSpawn in or modify firework.
fly/<command> [Player]uc.fly, uc.fly.othersEnable/Disable fly mode.
freeze/<command> <Player> [Time]uc.freeze, uc.freeze.time, uc.freeze.perm (uc.freeze gives every freeze permission)Freeze someone.
freezelist/<command>uc.freezelistView a list of all current frozen players.
gamemode/<command> <Gamemode> [Player]uc.gamemode, uc.gamemode.othersChange your gamemode.
garbagecollector/<command>uc.garbagecollectorRuns the Java garbage collector.
give/<command> <Player> <Item> [Amount] [Data...]uc.give, uc.give.unsafeGive an item to a certain player.
god/<command> [Player] [Time]uc.god, uc.god.others, uc.god.time, uc.god.perm (uc.god gives perm for uc.god.time and uc.god.perm)Enable/Disable god mode for a certain time.
hat/<command>uc.hatPuts the item in your hand on your head.
heal/<command> [Player]uc.heal, uc.heal.othersHeals the target.
help/<command> [search term] [page]uc.helpView a list of available commands.
home/<command> [Player:][Name]uc.home, uc.home.othersTeleport to your home.
homelist/<command>uc.homeView a list of all of your current homes.
hunger/<command> <Amount> [Player]uc.hunger, uc.hunger.othersRemove hunger points.
inventory/<command> <Player>uc.inventoryOpen a players inventory.
ip/<command> [Player]uc.ip, uc.ip.server, uc.ip.player (uc.ip gives perm for all ip permissions)Get the servers or a players ip.
item/<command> <Item> [Amount] [Data...]uc.item, uc.item.unsafeGive an item to yourself.
jail/<command> <Player> [Jail]uc.jailJail someone.
jaillist/<command>uc.jaillistView a list of all current jailed players.
jump/<command>uc.jumpJump to the place where you are looking at.
kick/<command> <Player> [Reason]uc.kickKick someone.
kickall/<command> [Reason]uc.kickall, uc.kickall.exemptKick everyone.
kill/<command> [Player]uc.kill, uc.kill.othersKill someone or yourself.
killall/<command> [Type] [Radius]uc.killallKill all mobs.
kit/kit [Kit]uc.kitGive yourself a kit. Or no arguments for a list of kits.
kittycannon/<command>uc.kittycannonSummon an exploding ocelot.
lag/<command>uc.lagView the performance of the server.
list/<command>uc.listA list of online players.
me/<command> <Message>uc.meMessage in me format.
megasmite/<command> [Player]uc.megasmite, uc.megasmite.othersThrow a lot of lighting on a player.
minecraftservers/<command>uc.minecraftserversView the status of the minecraft servers.
mobtp/<command>uc.mobtpTeleport mobs using a stick.
modify/<command> <Meta...>uc.modify, uc.modify.unsafeModify the meta of the item in your hand.
money/money [Player] or /money set/add/take [Player] <Amount> or /money topuc.money, uc.money.set, uc.money.set.others, uc.money.give, uc.money.give.others, uc.money.take, uc.money.take.others, uc.money.status, uc.money.status.others, uc.money.topMoney management
more/<command>uc.moreGives you 64 of the item in your hand.
motd/<command>uc.motdSends the MOTD in the chat.
msg/<command> <Player> <Message>uc.msgSend a private message.
mute/<command> <Player> [Time]uc.mute, uc.mute.time, uc.mute.perm (uc.mute gives perm for all mute permissions)Make someone not able to chat.
mutelist/<command>uc.mutelistView a list of all current muted players.
names/<command> <Player>uc.namesView all names a player had in the past.
near/<command> [Range]uc.nearView all nearby players.
nick/<command> <Name>/off [Player]uc.nick, uc.nick.othersSet a players nickname.
pay/<command> <Player> <Amount>uc.payGive someone money.
ping/<command> [Player]uc.ping, uc.ping.othersView a players ping.
plugin/<command> helpuc.plugin, uc.plugin.help, uc.plugin.load, uc.plugin.unload, uc.plugin.enable, uc.plugin.disable, uc.plugin.reload, uc.plugin.reloadall, uc.plugin.delete, uc.plugin.commands, uc.plugin.update, uc.plugin.list, uc.plugin.info, uc.plugin.updatecheck, uc.plugin.download, uc.plugin.search (uc.plugin gives perm for all plugin permissions)Plugin manager.
potion/<command> <Effect> [Duration] [Amplifier] [Splash]uc.potionSpawn in or modify a potion.
powertool/<command> <Clear/Clearall/Add/Remove/list/<Command>> [Command]uc.powertoolBind an item to a command.
realname/<command> <Nick>uc.realnameGet the real name of a certain nick.
recipe<command> <Item> [Recipe]uc.recipeView the recipe of an item.
removeall/<command> [Type] [Range]uc.removeallRemove all entities of a certain type.
repair/<command> [All] [Player]uc.repair, uc.repair.allRepair an item.
reply/<command> <Message>uc.replyReply to a private message.
rules/<command>uc.rulesRead the rules.
save/<command> [World]uc.saveSave a world.
say/<command> <Message>uc.sayBroadcast a message.
seen/<command> <Player>uc.seenView information about a player.
setarmor/<command> <ArmorType> [Player]uc.setarmor, uc.setarmor.othersSet someones armor.
setexperience/<command> <Experience>[L] [Player]uc.setexperience, uc.setexperience.othersSet the experience for someone or yourself.
sethealth/<command> <Food> [Player]uc.sethealth, uc.sethealth.othersSet the amount of health of a player.
sethome/<command> [Player:][Name]uc.sethome, uc.sethome.others, uc.sethome.unlimited, uc.sethome.[HOMEAMOUNT] (Look in config)Set/move a home.
sethunger/<command> <Food> [Player]uc.sethunger, uc.sethunger.othersSet the amount of food bars of a player.
setjail/<command> <Name>uc.setjailSet a jail.
setlevel/setlevel <Level> [Player]uc.setlevelSet the experience level of someone or yourself.
setmaxhealth/setmaxhealth <Health> [Player]uc.setmaxhealthSet the max health of a player.
setspawn/<command> [-w (world spawn)] [-n (newbie spawn)] [g:GROUP (group spawn)]uc.setspawnSet a spawn.
setwarp/<command> <Warp>uc.setwarpSet a new warp, or move a warp.
silence/<command> [Time]uc.silenceSilence the chat
skull/<command> [Player]uc.skull, uc.skull.othersGet the head of a player.
smite/<command> [Player]uc.smiteThrow lightning at a player.
spawn/<command> [Player]uc.spawnTeleport to the spawn.
spawner/<command> <MobType>uc.spawnerSet the mob type of a spawner.
spawnmob/<command> <Type> [Amount] [Data...]uc.spawnmobSpawn a mob.
speed/<command> <0-10> [Player]uc.speed, uc.speed.othersSet your fly and walkspeed.
spy/<command>uc.spyToggle spymode for yourself.
teleport/<command> [Player] <Player> OR [Player] <X> [Y] <Z>uc.teleport, uc.teleport.coords, uc.teleport.coords.others, uc.teleport.others (uc.teleport is required to use /teleport)Teleport yourself or someone else.
teleportaccept/<command>uc.teleportacceptAccept a teleport request.
teleportall/<command> [Player]uc.teleportallTeleport everyone to a certain player or yourself.
teleportask/<command> <Player>uc.teleportaskAsk to teleport to someone.
teleportaskall/<command>uc.teleportaskallAsk everyone to teleport to you.
teleportaskhere/<command> <Player>uc.teleportaskhereAsk someone to teleport to you
teleportdeny/<command>uc.teleportdenyDeny a teleport request.
teleporthere/<command> <Player>uc.teleporthereTeleport someone to you.
teleporttoggle/<command> [Player]uc.teleporttoggle, uc.teleporttoggle.overrideToggle teleporting for yourself or someone else.
time/<command> day/night/ticks/disable/enable/add/queryuc.time, uc.time.day, uc.time.night, uc.time.disable, uc.time.enable, uc.time.ticks, uc.time.add (uc.time gives you permissions for all time commands)Set the time.
top/<command>uc.topTeleport yourself to the highest location.
ultimatecore/<command> reload/credits/disable/version/update/convertuc.ultimatecore, uc.ultimatecore.reload, uc.ultimatecore.disable, uc.ultimatecore.version, uc.ultimatecore.updater, uc.ultimatecore.convertThe ultimatecore menu command.
unban/<command> <Player/IP>uc.unbanUnbans the target player.
undeaf/<command> <Player>uc.undeafUndeafs the target player.
unfreeze/<command> <Player>uc.unfreezeUnfreezes the target player.
unjail/<command> <Player>uc.unjailUnjail someone.
unmute/<command> <Player>uc.unmuteUnmute someone.
unsilence/<command>uc.unsilenceUnsilence the chat
uptime/<command>uc.uptimeView how long the server is running.
uuid/<command> <Player>uc.uuidView the uuid of a certain player.
vanish/<command> [Player] [Time]uc.vanish, uc.vanish.others, uc.vanish.time, uc.vanish.perm (uc.vanish gives permission for uc.vanish.time and uc.vanish.perm)Hide or show a player.
villager/<command>uc.villagerAfter using this command right click a villager to edit. Better tutorial ASAP.
warp/<command> <Warp>uc.warp for all warps, uc.warp.[WARP] for a certain warpTeleport yourself to a warp.
warplist/<command>uc.warplistView a list of all warps.
weather/<command> clear/rain/thunder [Time]uc.weather, uc.weather.sun, uc.weather.rain, uc.weather.storm (uc.weather gives perm for all weather perms)Change the weather.
workbench/<command>uc.workbenchOpen a crafting table.
world/<command> create/import/remove/list/tp/flag/resetuc.world, uc.world.create, uc.world.import, uc.world.list, uc.world.remove, uc.world.reset, uc.world.tp, uc.world.flag (uc.world gives perm for all world perms)World management command.

Other features (Events)

Afkuc.afk.excemptAfk messages, and kick for being too long afk. Can be edited in config
AutosaveNo permissionsThe world will automatic save every 5 minutes. Can be edited in config (Default = on, Default time = 5 minutes, Default message broadcast = false)
BleedNo permissionsStandard disabled in config.
Custom ChatNo permissionsUltimate Core has a custom chat system. Can be edited in config (Default = on)
Color Signsuc.sign.coloredUse colorcodes on signs!
Color Chatuc.coloredchatUse colors in chat (Only when Custom Chat is enabled)
Custom DeathmessagesNo permissionsMessages can me edited in messages file
Chat Filtersuc.chat , uc.chat.repeat, uc.chat.spam, uc.chat.swear, uc.chat.caps, uc.chat.ip, uc.chat.url (uc.chat for getting imume for all filters)
Disable explosionsNo permissionsYou can disable explosions in your server in the config!
Custom Join/Leave messages!No permissionsCustom join/leave messages
Messages broadcast!No permissionsCan be edited in config (Default = off) and can be broadcasted by chat and bossbar! Use \n for a new line (Multiple line messages)
Colored MOTDNo permissionsThe motd can be colored using color codes
Join MOTD, /motdNo permissionsCan be edited in motd.txt
Disable respawn screenuc.instantrespawnCan be edited in config (Default = off)
Timberuc.timberChop down trees faster! Can be edited in config (Default = off)
Custom unknown command messagesNo permissionsCan be edited in messages file
Disable weather.No permissionsCan be edited in config. (Default = weather enabled)
antibanuc.antibanIf you have this permission you cannot get banned! (Handy for owners)
Dont let your players see the plugins!uc.plugins, uc.helpuc.plugins for /pl and /plugins, uc.help for /help and /?
Teleport delayuc.teleport.bypasstimerAllows you to delay teleports