UltimateCore v2.1.22


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    Jun 24, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10


This release does only work on Bukkit 1.10+.

Creating backup is recommended when updating plugins..

If you are still running Java 7, be warned that UltimateCore might update to Java 8 soon.

I tested this update a lot, but I changed a lot of stuff so I am not sure if everything works.

[+] Added the new minecraft services to /mcservers

[+] The serverlist motd does now support variables

[+] A custom motd when you are banned

[+] Added more names for 1.9 items in items.csv

[+] Add spawn-on-join option in the config.yml

[+] Add /showkit <Kit>

[+] Add /createkit <Kit>

[+] New permission: uc.kit.cooldownexempt

[+] Added book support for kits

[+] Added banner support for kits

[+] Added support for 1.9 enchantments

[+] Added support for the shulker mob

[+] Added armor argument in /inventory <Player> [Armor]

[+] Added header and footer support in the tab list (Disabled by default)

[+] Added [AFK] tag after the playerlist name when someone is afk (Customizable in config.yml)

[+] Added /afk reasons. Syntax is now /afk [Player]/[Reason]

[+] Added pitch and yaw support for teleporting. Syntax is now /teleport [Player] <x> <y> <z> [<yaw> <pitch>]

[+] Added more variables to customize the chat

[*] Improve anti plugin stealing to work in a few more cases, and to no longer need ProtocolLib

[*] Fixed /uc convert

[*] Removed limitation where playerlist names can only be 16 characters

[*] Fixed double permissions message when using signs without having permissions

[*] API improvements

[*] Fixed structure block item in the items.csv

[*] You can now ban players who never joined the server

[*] Fixed invalid player names in data files

[*] The tools kit now has a longer delay by default

[*] Fix website url in plugin.yml

[*] A few fixes and improvements to /plugin

[*] All kit names should now be lowercase

[*] Internal changes and rewrites

[-] Removed protocollib dependency (No longer needed)

[-] Removed gson dependency (Now included in spigot by default)

[-] Removed a few unused pieces of code

* Attributes temporarily disabled