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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Welcome To ULTIMATE LOCKS! This is MY FIRST EVER PLUGIN, and it's currently in the making. Everything below is what is on my grid, as said it's in planning order. It is still not ready and I am planning to wait for the Bukkit 1.5 version as I might release it at that time so it uses that API, so I won't have to update it. I'm new to Java I know the basics and I'm kind of getting the hang with it. So please no hate comments and please be patient.

What Does it do?
Ultimate Locks provides ways to lock blocks listed in the config, to ranks, and more! It allows Sign Locking similar to the order of [Lock] as the first line and names below, land/claims locking, command locking, item locking, group locking, and more!

How do you lock?
Ultimate locks provides ways to lock items as said, but in what ways [detailed]?



For the first line you would type [Lock], then for the other lines you may type groups, usernames, or even a Friend List!
I plan to add more of this other wise you do need a permission node to do this. To Lock the blocks with signs, hold shift and place the object as you would any object in minecraft, you can place them on the blocks defined in the config or create nodes for groups!



This is a little complex, say I want to claim the area above, I need to check if I have something though, WORLDEDIT. Yes you need this to select region[s] in this plugin! IT IS a DEPENDENCY! Now bring your defined WorldEdit Item and select your region. And now the commands:

Once you have selected the regions type: /claim [name] [friends-list group usernames] <--You can enter only 1 list but for the rest, as many as you can!


Once you have claimed it voulah! It has been claimed and assigned to the players/groups/list defined! Now if you forgot to add the last argument at the command /claim [name of claim, example: Home2] [Forgot to enter this argument?!] then type /claim select [name] and then type:
/claim assign [List-Here] [Groups-Here] [Usernames-Here]! It's Quite simple! You also have a choice in the config to enable bedrock to sky protection! Highly Flexible indeed!


For command locking now, you need to know the base command: /lock
/lock, as a few arguments which are just basically what come after the command.

They are:

Now let's go over how to use them. Let's try the first one, well you kind of need to do this anyways. For players with the permission node they can have access to /lock create [name]. This allows you to create as many locks for customized items! You can also set a limit with group management sections at the config! So once you make it you can type this command and LOOK at the object you would like to lock, you can set in the config for which blocks to only lock, or ALL STABLE BLOCKS! So type, as said while LOOKING at the block, /lock set [name]. If you don't enter a name, IF the user has the permission node for creating locks it will auto-magically make a lock in a # order. So if it's the user's first time it would be '1'. But if the user's data includes another lock like: Chest1, then it would make one labeled '2', as it's the second one. Now then if you set your lock to the wrong block you can fix it! By either retrying everything over and typing: /lock undo, and it will undo your last action, or for a more just QUICK way, type /lock assign [name], now the lock will be re-assigned to the block your looking at. YOU MUST ENTER A NAME FOR THIS ONE AS IT IS NOT MAKING BUT RE-SETTING/ASSIGNING A NEW BLOCK TO THE PLAYER DATA REPLACING THE OLD ONE! If the player SOMEHOW forgot the lock he/she has, they can type: /lock list, and it will LIST ALL THEIR locks! It will also have the ITEM locked next to the name like this:

Your Locks:

Chest1 - CHEST
ObbyBlock - OBSIDIAN **

Soon I'm thinking of adding MULTIPLE BLOCKS if I can/figure out how to, to a lock or so. We are almost there! Now to the command: /lock power
This basically removes the defined lock from the player's data to another. This is how you use it: /lock power [LOCK-NAME] [Username]. You can also use the command /lock trust [Friend-List], To enable your lock to YOU and the people on your friends list! You can only do one at a time though. When you type the trust command it AUTO-MAGICALLY Turns on the fl argument which turns on if your friends-list players can use the locks. If you feel suspicious of who is taking your stuff, then you can do /lock fl, Which is a toggle to turn Friend-LIST integration to the user, on or off! This only works for the command locking though. Finally if you want to RENAME or let's say redefine a lock type: /lock redefine [Original-Lock-Name] [New-Name]. There is an option were to lock INDIVIDUAL items in your hand using the command /lock hand [name], and it will make a new lock for an item. And there you go the current COMMAND LOCKS! Awesome right? It even get's better as I'm going to explain the friends list now!


Now then you've done the locks, but now you might want friend to use your locks. So type: /friends new [name]. This will make the Friends list with the name defined at the last argument. Now then you can go and add friends with the command: /friends add [name-of-list] [username(s)] <Seperate the usernames with commas!]. Now if you want to remove any friends from a list type: /friends remove [name-of-list] [username(s)]. It's quite simple! You can define who/what can have a limit of friend lists, but the default is 1 for everyone. You can change it in the config as well. That's pretty much the plugin now below is/are the nodes and configuration[s].



Parent Nodes:

-All Lock permissions-
-All nodes for players such as, create.*, claim, friends, and signs`
-Has all nodes including the moderate node which allows you to delete, manage, update player locks/claims/signs-


BedrocktoSkyProtection: false [Set to true if you want all LAND claims to enable this]
ListLocking: true [Set to false if you DON't want your list to allow ANY players to use any of the people's locks, Good for One-Man only Servers]
ProtectLocks: true [Mainframe if you want all LOCKS to be enabled, if you set to false, people can destroy, good for disabling the plugin]
AllBlocks: true [Allows ALL STABLE blocks to be used in locking]
- 57 [If AllBlocks is set to false, type in the blocks that are only allowed besides land-claiming, default is just diamond]


- 57 [Blocks to allow for locking If you set AllBlocks to false, this is set for GROUPS.]

[b]If I made a mistake in anything or forgot something, it must be because I'm busy with this and not paying attention to anything I can add

TO-DO LIST\\ Actually Get the root of this developed!~

Thanks! If you have any questions, comment or join my server to see If i'm there and might answer you.

OTHER wise please know, I'm new to bukkit and a little with java, and I really THINK I got the hang of this to free-run a plugin like this. Please no hate comments and enjoy!



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