uHome v1.5.2


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    Jan 1, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.6-R0.2


Welcome to uHome v1.5.2

This update provides a few bug fixes, and adds a new command to allow your admins to send players to homes, without having to teleport to the home themselves. This send command is also compatible with Minecraft's command blocks!

This update includes anonymous usage statistics tracking provided by mcstats.org. Your server ip will not be made publicly visible by these statistics. You can view all of the data collected by the website here. I would appreciate you leaving this enabled, so I can see how my plugin is used, but you may disable it at any time by editing the config.yml in the PluginMetrics folder in your plugins directory.

Upgrade Notes

This update does not alter the database, but it does add some lines to customlocale.properties. If you're using a custom locale, make sure to update it when you run uHome for the first time. (The new lines should be added automatically.) This update also removes the loadChunks option from your config.yml. The option was interferring with minecarts, and doesn't appear to be necessary anymore, so it has been removed.

Changes since v1.5:

  • Add new permission node uhome.admin.send
  • Implement /home (player) (owner) (name) - Teleports (player) to (owner)'s home '(name)'. To use this command, you will need the permission node 'uhome.admin.send' and 'uhome.admin.warp'.
  • Update locales, including russian translation.
  • Remove loadChunks config option, as it causes problems with minecarts.
  • Fix a bug where players not using a permissions plugin could not use any commands without having op.
  • Fix a bug where players who have entered special characters into their home names (e.g. '\') would no longer be able to list their homes.
  • Update plugin metrics to use new system.

What happened to v1.5.1?

It never existed. One of life's many mysteries.

Below are known issues with this version of uHome. As always, update with caution, and make a backup of all your uHome files before updating!

  • Special characters, such as '\', in home names can cause error messages to be displayed when used with certain commands. The command should still run successfully, however.
  • Some users are experiencing issues with teleporting into the ground when using /home over long distances. This is a bug related to chunk loading, and may be caused by the server being overloaded. You may try to fix this by installing a plugin such as WorldGuard, which allows you to enable features that either disable suffocation damage completely (and so players have time to do /home again without dying), or teleport players out of the material they are stuck in while suffocation (no need to do /home again, but possible to be used to break into homes this way). A patch for this is on the to-do list!