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    May 7, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2
  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0
  • 1.2.5


This is a preview of the next release of uHome - v1.5. Beware that some caveats may still be present in this version. Please read the known caveats section below before downloading and using this version of the plugin! Thanks.

Users of v1.5b: This contains a small fix to the admin /home list <player> command. Updating is recommended, but not critical.

Changes since v1.4.1:

  • Fix a bug that meant looking around causes warmups to cancel.
  • Implement economy support using Vault.
  • Implement plugin statistics using metrics.griefcraft.com.
  • Add importer for CommandBook homes.csv.
  • Implement per-home invite limits.
  • Implement dynamic config based permissions for all warmups and timers. Custom permissions nodes, with as many or as few levels as you'd like!
  • Fix cooldowns to only activate if a warp was successful.
  • Fix InvalidArgumentException on plugin reload.
  • Stop default variable limits from being created if the user has already created some.
  • Fix the /sethome command to act exactly like /home set
  • Fix config InvLimit section creation.
  • Fix plugin metrics graphing.
  • Check bed settings when using /home set.
  • Show a warning if bedsCanSetHome or abortOnDamage are set incorrectly.
  • Minor improvement to invite list performance.
  • Implement access time recording and matching 'home purge <number of days> command. Console only, must be enabled in config. (Potentially resource intensive and dangerous - enable at own risk!)
  • Fix a bug where invites were not deleted from the database when homes were deleted.
  • Check the invite table on startup to delete any orphaned invites leftover from the above bug.
  • Fix missing delete variable in home set error message.
  • Fix a bug where chunks are loaded on teleport even if the event was cancelled.
  • Implement 'home dump' console command to dump all homes to an sql file for easy backups/exporting to new server.
  • Implement import of homes from MultiHome plugin from filename 'multihome_homes.txt'.
  • Change commandbook import behaviour to only import from 'commandbook_homes.csv'.
  • Reduce respawn listener priority to allow other plugins to override our catch-all behaviour.
  • Implement home locks - allows players to set their homes as unlocked, so that any player who knows the name of the home may warp to it.
  • Add command '/home lock <home>' and '/home unlock <home>'. New permission node: 'uhome.own.unlock'.
  • Add config toggle for home locks 'enableUnlock'.
  • When backing up the database, copy the sqlite file if not using mysql, rather than backing up internally.
  • Fix a bug where players with homes with very similar names cause an internal error on warp.
  • Only show metrics message if it's enabled in the metrics config.
  • Only collect invite limit statistics if invites are enabled.
  • Clear internal invite list when a home is deleted.
  • When searching for intended destinations, consider invited homes.
  • Fix SQL errors if importing from MyHome with MySQL.
  • Fix an error when deleting homes.
  • Fix lock and unlock command behaviour.
  • Show unlocked homes as coloured in home list.
  • Implement import from MultipleHomes (very old plugin, added by request - unknown version).
  • Allow respawnToHome setting to be set on and off for each world.
  • Implement custom formatting of both /home list and /home info. Home list can now show the traditional list of names in a single message, a detailed overview of each home on multiple lines, or somewhere in-between. (No pagination support yet!)
  • Implement notification messages when players are charged by uHome.


This release is a preview of the upcoming uHome v1.5 release. This version has undergone some testing by the community and myself over multiple alpha builds, and it is thought to be largely error free. Be warned that this cannot be guaranteed, so users should be prepared to keep backups. If you do find any errors or omissions, please report them ASAP!

This version contains changes to both the database, configuration and locale files. Users of the v1.5 alpha builds should be able to continue using their current files without issue, apart from some small adjustments to the locale files. Users upgrading from v1.4.1 should be aware that due to the large number of changes, it is advisable that you backup your uHome files and database. uHome v1.5b should create a backup of your database automatically on first load, before any conversion takes place. I also suggest that you take a look at the configuration page for 1.5.x using the pages tab at the top of the bukkit dev page. It may be a good idea to create a brand new configuration file if you are upgrading from v1.4.1 or below, as there have been some substantial changes that may effect your server's home limits, among other things.