uHome v1.5a.3


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    Mar 23, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2


This is a preview of a future update - uHome v1.4.1 is compatible with both 1.1 and 1.2.3, and should be used wherever possible.

Changes since v1.5a.2:

  • Implement access time recording and matching 'home purge <number of days> command. Console only, must be enabled in config. (Potentially resource intensive!)
  • Fix a bug where invites were not deleted from the database when homes were deleted.
  • Check the invite table on startup to delete any orphaned invites leftover from the above bug.
  • Fix missing delete variable in home set error message.
  • Fix a bug where chunks are loaded on teleport even if the event was cancelled.
  • Implement 'home dump' console command to dump all homes to an sql file for easy backups/exporting to new server.
  • Implement import of homes from MultiHome plugin from filename 'multihome_homes.txt'.
  • Change commandbook import behaviour to only import from 'commandbook_homes.csv'.
  • Reduce respawn listener priority to allow other plugins to override our catch-all behaviour.
  • Implement home locks - allows players to set their homes as unlocked, so that any player who knows the name of the home may warp to it.
  • Add command '/home lock <home>' and '/home unlock <home>'. New permission node: 'uhome.own.unlock'.
  • Add config toggle for home locks 'enableUnlock'.
  • When backing up the database, copy the sqlite file if not using mysql, rather than backing up internally.

This update contains changes to the database. Please make backups of uhomes.db or your MySQL tables before installing!


As always with alpha and beta builds, I advise you not to use this unless you know what you're doing and you'd like to help test the new features. It is highly recommended you do not use this version on a production server. This build has undergone only minimal testing, so use at your own risk!

Also please note that this release changes the format of config.yml rather dramatically, so I recommend you rename your current config.yml before installing this version, This will allow the plugin to generate a fresh config file, which you can then edit to fit your needs.

Another important change is that I have now added plugin metrics by Hidendra (the creator of LWC). This means that uHome now has the ability to send anonymous usage statistics every 10 minutes to metrics.griefcraft.com, where it is publicly visible in simple graphs. This is to help me get an idea of the number of people actually using the plugin, and the volume of homes the plugin is dealing with on average. Note that this does not send any data about your server other than it's country, the uHome version, and some basic statistics about the number of homes you have. This is all enabled by default, but can be very easily disabled by editing the config file that will be created in the "PluginMetrics" folder in your plugins directory.

Currently Known Bugs:

  • None