uHome v1.4


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    Feb 12, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R3


Finally, the next major release of uHome, v1.4! This version brings in a lot of changes since v1.3, so be sure to read the change log below for details!

Important Changes

  • This version will not work on pre CB 1.1 versions, due to a move to the new event system. Please update CraftBukkit before updating uHome!
  • The permission node uhome.* is now uhome.all
  • Add permission node uhome.crossworld - Without this node, your players will not be allowed to warp between worlds!

In-Depth Change Log

  • New Command: /home invites - Lists all received invites.
  • New Command: /home requests - Lists all sent invites.
  • New Command: /home invites from (player) - lists all the homes you have been invited to by a certain player.
  • New Command: /home debug (console only) - shows debugging messages (currently only permissions checks are logged).
  • Locale support - use uHome in another language!
  • Command pagination - /home help/invites/requests now display their results in pages.
  • Home invites are now persistent, and are saved in the database.
  • Fix home name guessing - you can type only part of the name of your home, and uHome will attempt to guess the rest!
  • Use plugin logger - console messages are now more consistent and tagged with [uHome] throughout.
  • New config option: debugLog - sets whether debug logging should be turned on by default. Use to investigate permissions errors!
  • Use Bukkit's new event system.
  • All commands are now case-insensitive where possible.
  • Reformat /home requests and /home invites to use similar formatting.
  • Update default messages and locale file.
  • Implement customlocale.properties file to define custom locales without editing the plugin jar.
  • Compress jar for an even smaller download.
  • Change permission node uhome.* to uhome.all to avoid PEX conflicts,
  • Where player names have been provided in the wrong case, attempt to show the true capitalisation.
  • Add levels D and E to permission based cooldowns and warmups.
  • Drop "support" for outdated Help plugin.
  • Add config node enableDenyPerm with corresponding permission node uhome.deny. Use this if you want certain players to ignore the default perms. Note: This will cause issues if you use any form of * node.
  • Add permissions node uhome.crossworld. Players without this node will be blocked from warping between worlds!
  • Under the hood changes to improve performance in some areas and improve readability for developers.
  • Many more miscellaneous bug fixes and changes which I may have forgotten!

No known issues, although PEX v1.18 contains a bug which means PEX users may have problems with permissions being denied wrongly. See the comments section for workarounds before PEX is updated and the problem is patched.