uHome v1.4b.1


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    Feb 11, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R3


This is a BETA release of the next major update to uHome, v1.4b.1. Change log since v1.4b:

  • Fix an NPE when attempting to warp to a non-existent player's homes/
  • Fix SQL errors when inviting players who are already invited.


This update marks the end of a huge number of changes made to uHome since the last release version, 1.3. Near enough the entirety of the underlying code has been edited in some way to implement new features, fix bugs and optimise some wasteful routines. Because of this, v1.4b should under no circumstances be used on a live server, without first waiting for an official release version and/or thorough testing by yourself.

This version contains database changes. Therefore, you must backup your uHome database before using this plugin, in case any issues arise! If you are using sqlite (the default setting), just shut down your server and save a copy of the uhomes.db file in a safe place. If you are using MySQL, there are many guides online that you can follow, such as: http:www.abbeyworkshop.com/howto/lamp/MySQL_Export_Backup/index.html. MySQL users will need to backup the table 'uhometable'. Failure to backup your database before updating may cause you to lose all your saved homes!

This beta release has undergone minimal testing using the existing database from Ultimate Minecraft. A number of bugs have therefore already been identified and patched in this version. At this point in time, no bugs are known to exist, with the plugin loading, saving and accepting commands normally. If you do come across any errors, please don't hesitate to make a ticket!

Thanks, and enjoy this update! =)