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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8.3


It has been nearly two years (actually, a year, nine months and twenty-nine days) since the last stable build, version 1.4 is made of 211 commits, which means a ton load of bug fixes, optimizations, and what we like the most: new features!

Full list below!

This version is only compatible with CraftBukkit and Spigot from 1.8.3 to 1.11.




  • The /uh start slow go command has been removed. Now, the slow start is launched by /uh start slow:true and the game, after, with /uh start without complex and useless command.
  • The teleporter can now ignore the teams and teleport one player per spot even with teams. Syntax is: /uh start [slow:true] [ignoreTeams:true]
  • Implemented killer rabbit spawn.
  • Rabbits can be replaced by killer rabbits, following a probability set in the config file.
    Randomly spawned killer rabbit can be renamed; the default name is the original in the first snapshots: "The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog".
  • Added a few options to the sidebar display.
    • Option to display the player's team.
    • Option to display the health of the players.
    • Option to display the online status.
    • Option to display only display the met teammates in the sidebar, i.e. the players who were at less than 10 blocks (by default) once.
    • Option to display the player's kill count in the sidebar. The kill counter does not duplicate the kills, and a kill is removed when a player is resurrected.
    • Option to display the border size in the sidebar.
  • Added options to display contextual players list headers & footers, with tags to insert special values like the current episode number, or translated texts like “2 players”.
  • The plugin can now control the vanilla world border (only for squared borders).
  • Added (planned, for some) border-related options to the config file.
  • Added automatic border shrinking (for both squared & circular borders).
  • Added a command (/uh tpspawn <player> [force]) to teleport a player to his registered spawn point. The command behaves like the /uh tpback one, with safe TP and force option if no safe spot is available.
  • Added a /title displayed when the game starts (enabled by default).
  • When an episode ends, a title is displayed containing the number of the new episode.
  • The winners are broadcasted through a /title when the game ends (or the finish sequence is summoned using /uh finish).
  • Added a tip mentioning the spawns generator command if the spawns count is too low, for administrators not aware of the spawns system.
  • Added vanilla spectator mode support, inside a structure allowing other spectators mode (e.g. from other plugins) to be easily added. The vanilla support is enabled if SpectatorPlus is not installed or compatible, there isn't an option in the config for that (useless, if you don't want SpectatorPlus, uninstall it). This said, such an option can be added if someone request it.
  • The initial grace period duration can be customized (with a minimum of 15 seconds, to avoid any problem related to the initial fall).
  • Added a configurable PvP-less period, disabled by default (i.e. PvP enabled when the grace period expires).
  • Added a message when the grace period ends (can be disabled).
  • Players with a sufficient permission (default, operators) can spy all the other team chats at the same time, receiving all the discussions, with /uh team spy [player] (a toggle).
  • Rules can be set in the config and broadcasted to the players when they join and/or when the game start. These an be displayed on request using /uh rules [receiver].
  • Added a GUI to select the teams.
  • Teams can be created and renamed through the GUI. The teams banners can be customized using it, by placing an existing banner on the edition GUI.
  • The banner can be placed at the spawn point or given to the players when the game starts.
  • Added a /uh team banner command to set a team banner from the current in-hand banner. The command /uh team bannerreset resets the banner to the default one.
  • Added an option to add the banner on the shields when crafted.
  • Now using the naturalRegeneration game rule to cancel the regeneration. The natural regeneration can be enabled in the config, making this a Hunger Game-like plugin.
  • The players' inventories can be locked before the game (cleared, no actions possible...).
  • A team selector can be given to all players—right-clicking it will open the teams selector GUI.
  • Unknown players can now transparently be added to teams or others: if this case happens, their UUID will be retrieved using the Mojang API and they will be loaded on-the-fly.
  • Added a command to load some players (/uh loadplayers) so they are listed in the GUIs (and can be added to teams, even if they have not connected to your server yet).
  • Added an option (enabled by default) to display the players teams in the action bar, before the game only. Nothing is displayed to players without team.
  • Added PVP support before game start.
  • Added starting cages with lots of options to configure the blocks used; these can be colored according to the team color (for some blocks). The cages sizes can be configured too.



  • Command system's core has been redone for stability and maintenance purposes.
  • In slow mode, the players are now teleported player by player, instead of team by team.
  • Added a display name to the scoreboard teams, so they are nicely displayed in the vanilla spectators menu.
  • Added an option to display the progress of the slow teleportations.

Bug fixes


  • Random spawn generators is more resilient to weird terrains.