Feature Explanation

Feature Explanation

Optional features

Road blocks

To use road blocks enable them in the config. By default they are black, white and grey wool. To change that simply edit the ids in the config!
Road blocks means that you can only drive over the specified blocks (and boosts).


To use UFuel enable it in the config and set a price per litre. UFuel(With money) requires vault. When enabled this means that players can only drive if they have fuel. They can access their fuel using /ufuel. When fuel is enabled there is also an option in the config for a 'check' item. When driving holding this item and right clicking, players can view how much fuel they have. The default item is a feather. Players can also bypass ufuel if they have the permission specified in the config file.

Ufuel can also be used with items by turning on item fuel in the config. These means that instead of buying fuel with money, the car will take the specified items from their inventory to power itself.
uFuel can be purchased via command but can also be bought and sold in the form of Garage signs. More information on those here.


To use the damage feature enable it in the config under the setting 'hitBy:'. By default it is false. With this feature enabled, when a driver crashes into a player they will recieve damage and knockback like in a real car crash. The amount of damage and knockback can be edited in the config
You can also enable this feature for monsters so that if you crash into a monster, they'll get hurt.


These are blocks that when driven into will not ascend over. Things such as fences, etc... They are defined in the config using the same format as elsewhere: 'ItemName:data'

Reload config

To reload the config do /reloaducars. The permission for this is ucars.reloaducars.

Place perms

Enable in the config for player to require permissions to place a ucar. The default permission is ucars.place, but this can be changed.

Speed Mods

This is an option in the config to set the speed at which the car travels over certain blocks. This allows the creation of 'no-drive' zones or 'motorways'. In the config it uses: 'itemName:data-speed', etc.. For example: 'TNT:0-50' or 'WOOL:15-45'.

Action button

To replace the old turret system we now have an action button, pressing 'A'. This is used by plugins hooking into the API to do things. For example in uCarsTrade's hovercars, 'A' is the upwards control.


Simply hold 'D' when driving to decrease your speed.

Traffic Lights

A system to control the 'stop'/'go' of minecarts with traffic lights. Information found on this page.


This, when enabled, means that users cannot drive a car without a license. To obtain a license they need to do /ulicense. The license consists of a tutorial.

Car Health

This is an extra system that tracks the health of car entities, as well as minecraft's own. The damage for various substances, such as water are able to be set in config. However by setting the damage level to 0 you can 'ignore' damage from these.

Race Controls

This feature is most likely extraneous to your server, but is useful for MarioKart, etc... Basically Race Controls is where the server processes the car movement slightly differently. The result of this is that, with a slight performance and handling deficit, your cars will all move at the exact same speed; no matter what connection each player has to the server. By default this feature isn't used, but you can force it's use in the config (Eg. for 100% racing servers), but even if you don't MarioKart (If told to in it's config) will automatically turn it on for cars involved in races.