Driving uCars

Driving uCars

The controls

The controls used for driving are for the most part intuitive and seamless. More detail:

SteeringLooking aroundTurns the car in the direction you are looking
AccelerateUse the 'forwards' key (w)Makes the car move forwards
ReverseUse the 'backwards' key (s)Makes the car move backwards
BrakeUse the 'right' key (d)Makes the car travel slower
ActionUse the 'left' key (a)Uses whatever action other plugins have assigned to the car
StopNoneStationary Car
Exit VehicleSneak (Shift)Exit the car

Going faster

To go that extra bit faster, there are 'boost' items which, when right clicked with when driving, will speed the car up (Consumed on use). There are three tiers of boost items and they may be changed in the config to any value desired. To view what these items are use /ucars. Here is a complete list of the items and their defaults:

TypeDefault itemAction
Low boostCoal/CharcoalGives the user a short boost, for a short amount of time.
Medium boostIron IngotGives the user a reasonable boost, for a decent amount of time.
High boostDiamondGives the user a large boost for a rather long time.

Effect Blocks

Built in to the road you may also find effect blocks. These can be positioned in the road, or a block below it and will each have an effect on the car when driven over. Effect blocks can also be changed in the config, so use /ucars to view what they are set to on your server. Here is a complete list of the effect blocks and what they do:

TypeDefault blockAction
Medium boostGold blockApplies a medium boost, for a reasonable amount of time
High boostDiamond blockApplies a large boost, for a long amount of time
Slow downEmerald blockTerminates any boosts a car has
JumpIron blockMakes the car jump the height specified in the config
Traffic light waitingQuartz blockWhen on, if there is a traffic light off nearby, the car will be frozen (More info here)
Teleport blockMagenta stained clayTeleports the car to the location specified. (More info here)

Entity Collisions

If, in the config, hitBy is enabled; when you drive into players or mobs(If enabled); they'll be knocked back and hurt.