A highly configurable forest plugin. Forests spread naturally at a configurable rate based purely on sapling growth! Spruce and Birch saplings can also grow very large variants similar to oak and jungle trees (and they look good too)! Overcrowding algorithms allow you to configure how dense or sparse forests can grow. You can even configure a world with massive dense forests that players need to work at to keep them from spreading too thick.

Maintenance free reforestation on well used larger Minecraft servers is now a possibility!

Time Lapse Video

See UberForest in action! This was using very agressive growth settings with no overcrowding protection enabled ;) The forest at ground level was so thick you'd need shears to get anywhere in it! UberForest time-lapse video

YouTube Reviews

UberSpruce Comparison

Uber Trees

  • Spruce Trees up to 24 blocks tall
  • Birch Trees up to 16 blocks tall
  • Checks if the conditions are good for growing an Uber tree (similar to the normal Minecraft tree checking algorithm)
  • Trees will not destroy any non-nature blocks
  • Trees requiring a larger base will sometimes create "roots" one block down if needed
  • No user interaction required! Works with or without bonemeal!
  • Users can still farm trees! Torches placed within 2 blocks of a sapling will prevent it from growing Uber, yet still allow it to grow normally :)

Forest Growth

  • Forests plant themselves, once a sapling grows into a tree, a new sapling (configurable) of that tree type is placed nearby on an appropriate tile.
  • No user interaction required! Works with or without bonemeal!
  • Players can easily manage UberForest growth by smacking away any saplings. No saplings = no spreading as the saplings only spawn when other saplings grow :)
  • Adjust the rate of growth in specific biomes. Keep your plains plain!
  • Overcrowding protection allows forests to grow "spaced" out or jam packed with trees and saplings. It's up to you! See the detailed configuration section for more details: here
  • Use combinations of fence, cobble, smooth brick, torches, glowstone, crops and logs to stop spreading. These blocks will also work when placed 1 under the surface. Saplings will not spawn within whatever distance overcrowding radius is for these blocks. Complete List

Detailed Configuration Notes

You can view more detailed information on config.yml settings here.


  • If you are running as separate tree chopping plugin you may want to test if the uber trees chop properly in it. If not then you can just disable the uber trees in the config and just leave sapling spreading enabled :)
  • Remember ForestSpreadSaplings and UberForestSpreadSaplings are additive!
  • Regenerate your config if you're upgrading from prior to 1.0 to see all the options available.

Future Improvements

  • Implement a better way of players managing growth near their land.
  • Mycelium/UberMushroom Growth!
  • Sharks with Lasers (one day!)

MCStats UberForest


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