Latest version does NOT work correctly with minecraft 1.14+ yet!


Ever wanted to have ridiculous enchants on your items? Then use UberEnchant! This plugin allows you to add enchants of any level (yes, level 5 , only tested to level 15,000) to any item. This includes food, tools, swords, armor, blocks, but the enchant will not stay on the item if it is placed. Be careful to not lose the items you enchant, as they are all powerful and can get into the wrong hands.


Economy Support

  • Requires Vault!

Enchantments! (Vanilla enchants only)

  • Add
  • remove
  • Any item
  • Almost any level


  • Color codes
  • Add
  • Remove
  • Set

Item Names!

  • Color codes
  • Set
  • Clear


  • Down below


  • Color Codes Supported!!
  • /uadd enchant <enchantment|alias> <level>
    Adds <enchantment> with <level> to held item
  • /uadd enchant all <level>
    Adds all enchantments with <level> to held item
  • /uadd effect <effect|id> <duration> <level>
    Gives you the specified potion effect with duration in seconds
  • /uadd name <string...>
    Appends <string...> to the displayname
  • /uadd lore <string...>
    Appends <string..> to the list of lore
  • /ucost add <enchant|alias> <level>
    Check cost of adding level <level> <enchant>
  • /ucost del <enchant|alias>
    Check cost of deleting enchant
  • /ucost extract <enchant|alias>
    Cost of extracting an enchant
  • /uset name <string...>
    Sets the display name of the item to <string...>
  • /uset lore <line#> <string...>
    Sets the lore on <line#> to <string...>
  • /udel enchant <enchantment|alias>
    Removes <enchantment> from held item
  • /udel effect <effect|id>
    Removes specified potion effect from your character
  • /udel name
    Removes the display name of held item
  • /uextract <enchant|alias>
    Extracts the specified enchantment from held item
  • /uinsert lore <line#> <string...>
    Inserts <string...> after the lore on <line#>
  • /uclear enchant|lore|effect
    Resets the held item or potion effects
  • /ulist
    List the available enchantment values
  • /uhelp
    Lists all the commands

Current enchants and potion effects:

Use the in-game command (/ulist) to see enchantments


  • Defaults to op
  • To use a specific enchantment for free:
  • To extract enchantments for free:
  • To be able to extract a specific enchant for a cost:
  • uber.add.effect
  • uber.add.enchant
  • uber.add.lore
  • uber.add.name
  • uber.clear.effect
  • uber.clear.enchant
  • uber.clear.lore
  • uber.cost.add.enchant
  • uber.cost.del.enchant
  • uber.del.effect
  • uber.del.enchant
  • uber.del.lore
  • uber.del.name
  • uber.effect.all
  • uber.enchant.all
  • uber.enchant.bypass.any
  • uber.enchant.bypass.level
  • uber.extract.enchant
  • uber.help
  • uber.insert.lore
  • uber.list.effects
  • uber.list.enchants
  • uber.set.lore
  • uber.set.name


  • Enchantment using xp (In-progress)
  • Send us Ideas!


Send a pm to Colton Griswold


Please Leave Feedback For:

  • Issues
  • Suggestions
  • Comments


Video by: Https://serverminer.com/


Other Notes

  1. Implements Plugin Metrics To Collect Data <sub>(Can Be Opted Out Of By Editing The Config In "/plugins/ Plugins Metrics/config.yml")</sub>
    • Plugin Metrics Collects:
      • A unique identifier
      • The server's version of Java
      • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
      • The plugin's version
      • The server's version
      • The OS version/name and architecture
      • The core count for the CPU
      • The number of players online
      • The Metrics version
  2. Implements BStats (Same idea as Plugin Metrics above)


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