Introduction: TutorialSpawn allows the user to create a tutorial area for their server. A player can view the tutorial area and then enter a passphrase to leave the tutorial. Players will be forced back into the tutorial area every time they log-in until they enter the proper passphrase.

Purpose: I found the need for servers to have an initial tutorial area without having to interfere with their normal spawn area. This plugin allows the user to have a tutorial area that users will automatically port to, while being able to maintain a smaller, less cluttered spawn for the players who already know how the server functions.

Commands (v1.32b+):

/tsphrase [passphrase]Confirm phrase
/tssetphrase [passphrase]Set passphrase
/tsgetphraseGet passphrase
/tsspawnTeleport to tutorial spawn
/tssetspawnSet tutorial spawn location
/tsexitTeleport to tutorial exit
/tssetexitSet location to teleport to once passphrase is entered
/tssetmje [integer]Set maximum join events (EX /tssetmje 5)
/tsgetmjeGet maximum join events
/tssetrp [true/false]Set reuse passphrase setting (EX /tssetrp true)
/tsgetrpGet reuse passphrase setting
/tssettd [double]Set teleport delay (EX /tssettd 0.5)
/tsgettdGet teleport delay

Once the spawn has been set, users will be transported to that location every time they log-in until they enter the correct passphrase using /tsphrase or until they reach the maximum amount of join events (Default maximumJoinEvents is set to -1. maximumJoinEvents will have to be set to a non-negative integer for this feature to work). Default phrase is putwhateverphraseyoulike and can be changed in the config.yml or by using the /tssetphrase command.

Permissions (v1.32b+):

Permission nodeDescriptionDefault
tutorialspawn.phraseAllows user to input passphrase needed to leave tutorialtrue
tutorialspawn.phrase.getAllows user to get current passphrasefalse
tutorialspawn.phrase.setAllows user to set current passphrasefalse
tutorialspawn.spawnAllows user to teleport to tutorial spawnfalse
tutorialspawn.spawn.setAllows user to set tutorial spawnfalse
tutorialspawn.exitAllows user to teleport to tutorial exitfalse
tutorialspawn.exit.setAllows user to set tutorial exitfalse
tutorialspawn.mje.getAllows user to get current maximum join eventsfalse
tutorialspawn.mje.setAllows user to set current maximum join eventsfalse
tutorialspawn.rp.getAllows user to get reuse passphrase settingfalse
tutorialspawn.rp.setAllows user to set reuse passphrase settingfalse
tutorialspawn.td.getAllows user to get current teleport delayfalse
tutorialspawn.td.setAllows user to set current teleport delayfalse

Each permissions can be used as a wildcard (EX: tutorialspawn.phrase.* would give the permissions for tutorialspawn.phrase, tutorialspawn.phrase.get, and tutorialspawn.phrase.set). The only permissions a user should need is the tutorialspawn.phrase permission, which is set as default:true for all users. The rest of the permissions are considered admin/op controls.

Files (v1.32b+):

For previous version info visit TutorialSpawn 1.21b | TutorialSpawn 1.0b

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