Commands & Permissions

Commands & Permissions


All /tuto commands also functions with /tutorial
All commands are able to be launched by the console

  • /tuto : List all the commands available
  • /tuto [tuto] <Page> : Read a tuto
  • /tuto force [player] [tuto] <page> : force a player to look at the tuto
  • /tuto create [tuto] <page> : Create the tuto or the page
  • /tuto delete [tuto] <page> : Delete the tuto or the page
  • /tuto write [tuto] [page] [line] <text> : Write the text on the line of the page in the tuto
  • /tuto list <page|tuto> <page> : list the tutorials (10 lines per page)


  • /tuto force : tuto.force
  • /tuto create : tuto.create
  • /tuto delete : tuto.delete
  • /tuto write : tuto.write
  • /tuto list : tuto.list