Automatic turrets for Bukkit servers (cleverly disguised as minecarts!)

I moved the project into Beta as there have been more people downloading and, I'm assuming, testing it, with no major issues. There is a lot going on in this plugin, and little changes can have far reaching consequences, let alone big changes, so I still won't stake my name on saying it absolutely won't mess anything on your server up. Please report any problems you have!

Currently working on: DisguiseCraft support. Give me your ideas on what you'd want from this :)

Details: I'm hooked into DisguiseCraft, just need ideas for what kind of features are desirable!


I'll try and keep this up-to-date. If all goes as planned, this version should be the same or newer than the one linked to this BukkitDev entry.
A Jenkins job has been created to house dev builds. You can access it here!

v0.2.3a - Manual turret control!

For those of you antsy about getting a version for 1.4.4, here's an unofficial 1.4.4 dev build.


Building turrets is easy: Just place a fence post, then right click with a minecart on top. It's so easy, even a guest could do it! (That's why Turrets has permissions support.)

Make sure you attach an ammo chest to the turret (see command page) or set turrets to have unlimited ammo (see config page).

Breaking turrets is also easy: Just left-click it until it breaks, just like a minecart.

Change Log

  • Turrets target hostile mobs
  • Turrets will avoid shooting through walls
  • Turrets use ammo chests (configurable).
  • Turrets are upgradable!
  • Upgrade a turret by replacing the block under its fence post: iron -> gold -> diamond
  • Better turrets can shoot faster, farther, more accurately
  • Firing speed, range, and accuracy can be changed in the configuration
  • Turrets are breakable! (With permissions, of course)
Possible future features

See page


See page

Permission Nodes

See page

Also, thanks to damnnicholas for his YouTube video explaining the plugin.


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