Version 2.7.0

NOTE: This plugin requires you have Vault enabled on your server

This plugin is used to create a Turnstile to prevent players from entering certain locations without paying money/items.

A Turnstile is a gate made up of a fence block or a door, this gate is only opened by paying money (triggered by either pressing a linked button, standing on a linked pressure plate, or walking through it) or placing specific items in a linked chest. The gate will close once someone steps through it or after a certain amount of time. Money/Items goes to the Turnstile owner (Money may go to a bank)


  • Supports all major Economies and Permission Plugins thanks to Vault
  • You can change what command this plugin uses by editing the plugin.yml (found inside the plugin jar file)
  • MultiWorld support
  • Configurable properties
  • Custom messages
  • Turnstiles can charge specific items instead of money
  • Turnstiles may be set to charge money and allow the Player to pass for free for a given amount of time (like a day pass)
  • Set different Turnstiles to unique prices and owners/banks
  • Make Turnstiles one way
  • Players can be charged either when they open the Turnstile, or when they walk through it
  • Restrict use of a specific Turnstile to a certain group
  • Create private Turnstiles only you can use
  • Make a Turnstile Free or Locked during a certain time of day
  • Autoclose timer
  • Create Signs that automatically display and update Turnstile information
  • Charge users money to create turnstiles
  • Only owners and admins can destroy Turnstile blocks, buttons, and chests
  • Only one person may look into a Turnstile Chest at a time
  • List and locate Turnstiles
  • Durability support
  • Supports fence blocks, iron or wood doors, trapdoors, and fence gates

Permission Nodes:

  • turnstile.open = Needed to open a Turnstile
  • turnstile.sign = Needed to make a Turnstile Sign
  • turnstile.make = Needed to make a Turnstile (/ts make)
  • turnstile.set.price = Needed to set the price of a Turnstile (/ts price)
  • turnstile.set.owner = Needed to the owner of a Turnstile (/ts owner)
  • turnstile.set.access = Needed to set who has access to a Turnstile (/ts access)
  • turnstile.set.bank = Needed to set the bank that a Turnstile is connected to (/ts bank)
  • turnstile.set.free = Needed to set the time that a Turnstile is free (/ts free)
  • turnstile.set.locked = Needed to set the time that a Turnstile is locked (/ts locked)
  • turnstile.earned = Needed to see how much a Turnstile has earned (/ts earned)
  • turnstile.collect = Needed to collect money/items from a Turnstile (/ts collect)
  • turnstile.list = Needed to see a list of Turnstiles (/ts list)
  • turnstile.info = Needed to See info about a Turnstile (/ts info)
  • turnstile.openfree = Open Turnstiles free of charge
  • turnstile.ignoreowner = Edit other Players' Turnstiles


Turnstile Commands Page

Turnstile Signs:

Turnstile Signs can automatically update information
Each Sign can display two pieces of information such as:

  • Name: The name of the Turnstile
  • Price: The amount of money to use the Turnstile
  • Cost: The item cost to use the Turnstile
  • Counter: The amount of Players who used the Turnstile
  • Money: The amount of money the Turnstile has earned
  • Items: The amount of items the Turnstile has earned
  • Access: Whether the Turnstile is public or private
  • Status: Whether the Turnstile is open, free, or locked


  • ts link
  • [Turnstile Name]
  • [Information type 1]
  • [Information type 2]



Use Custom Command Instead of /ts


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