TTT v0.11.0


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    Nov 2, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1


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TTT v0.11 introduces a new "haste mode" designed to put pressure on traitors and keep the game more interesting. It also adds long-requested configurable event-based commands and resolves several bugs (some introduced by 0.10, some longer-standing).

Note: TTT v0.11 drops support for all 1.7.x versions of Bukkit. TTT v0.12 will drop support for all Bukkit versions prior to 1.8.8. It is recommended that you upgrade as soon as possible if you are on an older version.

New Features

  • Add optional "haste mode"
  • Round starting time is shorter than normal, but time is added for each kill made by the traitors
  • Add configurable commands to run on certain events (16 events are supported)
  • Add warning messages on start if Bukkit/Java versions are old
  • Check Steel major version on startup (Flint will undergo an incompatible major version bump in the future)


  • Send victory title at start of cooldown period (instead of after)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix conflict involving dead/spectator prefixes with chat-modifying plugins
  • Fix exception and failure to create body if player dies out of arena bounds
  • Fix karma not being properly applied to all players on round end
  • Fix karma reward/penalty calculation to match original gamemode
  • Fix victory titles not always being sent
  • Fix incorrect error messages for roles command
  • Minor text fixes


  • Drop Bukkit 1.7.x support
  • Remove version codename

Internal Changes

  • Update Flint dependency to 1.3
  • Upgrade config preprocessor to handle lists
  • Refactor internal UI color naming
  • Shade Updater as a dependency again
  • Considerably less code cleanup than usual (but still a little bit)